Froch Takes Mack Out in 3 rounds


For the very few out there that considered Carl Froch a lower tier fighter, or “C” class as some callers have described on Thaboxingvoice radio show, all you have to do is look at his dominant performance over light heavyweight stalwart Yusaf Mack. Its true Mack isn’t the same top 10 fighter he was once considered and he hasn’t been able to come up with that big win when the opportunity was presented to him, but he’s a tough fighter with the experience to beat anybody who underestimates him.

Froch came out of the first round determined and it was apparent early on that Mack was out of his league. Froch outclassed Mack from the get go, scoring a knockdown in the 1st round — upon further review it seemed as though the knockdown was actually a slip — and ended the round by landing several shots that seem to stun Mack worse than the initial knockdown.

The fight was simple, it was slow when Froch wasn’t throwing and hard to watch when he was. Mack made very little effort, but he did open up a bit at the end of round 2, however it was only after Froch sparked Mack’s fight or flight instinct by delivering a damaging flurry.

Froch was the better fighter and it was noticeable in every aspect.

The fight came to its inevitable conclusion in the 3rd round when Froch landed a devastating left hook to the body that had a delayed reaction on Mack, who took the shot and went down a couple seconds later. Mack couldn’t make it to his feet by the 10-count and Froch earned his 30th career victory with a KO at the time of 2:30 in the 3rd round.

Froch found success for all three rounds by keeping his jab in Yusaf’s face and delivering powerful shots behind it. He put his punches together well, but it seemed as though Mack was unable to adjust in real time as the fight played out. Mack stuck to his game and maintained the kind of flawed defense that would eventually prove to be his own destruction.

Now, this is far from Froch’s biggest career win nor is it his toughest opponent to date. However, give Froch the kind of credit he deserves, Mack too for that matter. While a win over a caliber fighter like Mack isn’t the sort of thing that gets you in the pound for pound discussion, the degree of dominance displayed by Froch is certainly worth mentioning.

Froch made a highly skilled fighter like Mack look completely outclassed and when a boxer can perform at that level, making others look amateur, it says a lot about where he is in his career.

Froch showed the difference between himself and C level fighters, making a case for being considered an A level fighter. When it’s said and done, you have to realize that Andre Ward is beyond an A level fighter and take it into consideration when you think of the gravity of Froch’s loss to Ward.

Froch has plenty of options heading into 2013, a rematch with Bute, rematch with Kessler, and there have even been mention of a possible rematch with Ward. Although Froch lost two of those 3 previously mentioned fights, he has to be considered the number 2 fighter in the division and I think he could hold his own against anybody from 168-175 not named Ward.