Gabe Rosado to Play Fighter in New Rocky Movie with Slyvester Stallone

    Gabriel-Rosado-Team-R9-530x317“Tha Boxing Voice”caught up with Gabe Rosado for his next fight on December 10 against the hard hitting David Lemieux.  Rosado discuses his move from his hometown of Philadelphia to Los Angeles where he is training now.
    “Ever since I moved out here nothing but good things are happening for me,” says Rosado. He goes on to humbly say, “I just got a movie role with Slyvester Stallone.” Of course Tha Boxing Voice digs a little deeper asking Rosado to divulge a little more on the film.
    The tight lipped Rosado only mentions that he is in fact playing a fighter in the film.  We can speculate that Rosado is playing Rocky, we know Stallone loves the sport so it won’t surprise anyone if he is looking for real fighters in the sport to have an authentic influence on the film’s reboot.
    The fact is that Rosado is going to be in the Rocky reboot in some shape or form so look out for Rosado’s acting debut when the film comes to fruition and look out for Rosado when he goes against Lemieux on December 10 on HBO it will be a good one.