Rosado Absorbing Hopkins’ Wisdom for Almost 10 Years


    Gabe-Rosado630_CainsoGabriel Rosado a Philadelphian native has had the opportunity to work alongside with one of the most accomplished fighters in history, Bernard Hopkins. Rosado told Tha Boxing Voice, “I’ve been around Bernard for almost ten years, and eight training camps. Bernard broke it down to me, to the craft of boxing, to the business side of boxing. He’s talked to me in all different avenues of the game.”

    Rosado explained he’s received plenty of valuable wisdom from the future hall of famer, but the biggest influence Hopkins has had in his career is to have the proper lifestyle of an athlete. Rosado stated, “I think the biggest influence that’s he’s had in my is career is to live healthy. Bernard takes care of himself and he’s always in the gym, that’s something I’ve been doing now. I’m taking care of my body. Even when a fight is over I’m back in the gym. When I fought Brian Vera, that Tuesday which was only a couple days from the fight I was back in the gym.”

    Rosado believes constantly being in great shape is one of the most beneficial factors in a fighter’s career. He credits this way of living to making him a better fighter, and the reason why Hopkins can still compete at such a high level at nearly the age of 50. Rosado stated, “I though the better man [Kovalev won that night], but it’s impressive that a guy who is almost 50 can take a punch from Kovalev.”

    Rosado along with many other ongoing viewers of the boxing game are astonished with Hopkins’ durability. Rosado understands not many people are privileged to constantly get advice from a living legend, and explained he tries to absorb everything Hopkins tries to teach him to take his boxing career as far as he possibly can.