Gabriel Rosado’s Rise out of Crime Infested Cities


    0Gabriel Rosado throughout his career has developed a devoted fan base due to his never give up attitude. Despite suffering four losses within his first 16 professional fights, and not having the luxury of being signed by a well-known promotional company at the time, he never gave up on his goals. Rosado’s current state in the sport of boxing is truly remarkable given the fact he began boxing at the age of 18, and had to deal with difficult circumstances along the way. Rosado feels his background story is relatable to most of the average Americans living in the suburbs, with aspirations of becoming great in whatever their passion may be.

    Rosado explained, “A lot of people say I’m an inspiration to them. Things like that, I get that a lot. I think it’s because a lot of people know my background.” Rosado’s backstory resembles those who live in the inner cities, who have to deal with constant violence and crime roaming throughout the neighborhoods. Rosado could have easily fell victim to his surroundings but decided to maintain focus on his craft. Rosado told, “It’s really bad where I come from. Every time I go back to Philly, I mean to visit, it’s always a shooting or somebody got killed. I got caught up with some stuff. I mean you don’t look for it, but it comes to you. You just have to have a strong mentality to get past it. I always knew I had talent, and I believed in myself, and my family believed in me as well.”

    Through Rosado’s ascent in the rankings, he had to constantly learn on the job, without the financial backing of a big time promotional company or manager. Rosado stated, “I’ve never had a big manager or started off with a big promoter. I pretty much worked my whole career having a graveyard shift, or doing odd jobs and training for fights. I’m kind of like the blue-collar guy so I think the fans can relate to me on that level. “

    Rosado claims his rise in stardom has not changed the way he carries himself, as many athletes before him have. Rosado explained, “I remain humble, I don’t get big headed. I always remember where I come from and I think that’s why fans can relate to me.”