Galarza Says Sparring with Brook Has Really Helped Him Prepare for Batista


    Main-Frank-Galarza-Sebastien-Bouchard-Tom-CasinoTha Boxing Voice’s Nestor Gibbs was up bright and early with up-and-comer Frank Galarza as they discussed his upcoming bout with Jonathan Batista.

    Galarza (14-0, 9 KO) will headline the September 20th card from the Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York.

    Batista (14-3, 7 KO) is coming off a third round stoppage loss against John Thompson, whom Frank Galarza knocked out this past January in the second round. With that being said, this might be a walk in the park for Galarza.

    Recently, Galarza’s father was hospitalized for an unknown condition. How is this going to affect Galarza’s preparation for the fight and is father doing alright? “He is actually good,” added Galarza. “He was in the hospital for a couple of days but it was not anything major. I am alright.”

    Batista has lost three of his past four fights. Fans buy tickets to see their favorite fighter, come to see a competitive fight, or both. How can Galarza assure that his fans are getting their money’s worth? “To be honest with you, he came in and fought some tough opponents,” said Galarza. “At the end of the day, I know the kid is coming in prepared.”

    At this moment, there has been no announcement of any sort of television network picking up this bout, does Galarza expect this fight to be replayed on stations like Sportsnet New York or Go Fight Live? Galarza later added that he does not mind if a television network covered his fights or not. “As long as I am fighting, I am okay.” Later, Galarza added that he believed the fight could be streamed on GFL.

    In regards to training camp, Frank Galarza is almost in perfect shape. “I am already there,” said Galarza. “I am already very close to weight right now.” Some fighters spar eight rounds and others spar at least 12. How is Galarza favoring in that category? “As far as sparring, we have been getting to 10 rounds,” added Galarza. “I am ready to fight.” Galarza also revealed that he sparred with Kell Brook leading up to Brook’s fight with Shaun Porter, which he was the victor.

    As Galarza continues to lead on his young career undefeated, his challenger in Jose Batista, has lost three of his past four, including the most recent third round stoppage to John Thompson. Will this be a quick evening of work for Galarza? Be sure to catch the stream on Go Fight Live.