Garcia-Broner Broner Says ‘Business Before Friendship’


Danny Garcia Adrien BronerAdrien Broner had a very intriguing Instagram post recently containing a picture of him and junior welterweight titlist Danny Garcia facing off. The picture, posted above, shows Garcia making a “throat cutting” gesture with his hand as he and Broner stare each other down in a vaguely intense manner.

The post had a message from Broner that read as follows:

“This is the next mega fight ME vs. Danny Garcia… ‘Business Before Friendship’… #ABonNBC #AboutBillions… But I want to fight Amir Khan first den Den (then) my homie Danny next! #ToBeTheBest you have to fight the best!!!! #NothingPersonal #ThisFightComingSoon.”

It is an interesting notion from Broner, but I’m not convinced we’ll see him run the gauntlet of Khan then Garcia and I’m far less convinced that he gets the guaranteed win against Khan, which would be necessary to make a fight with Garcia. Well, he could conceivably lose to Khan and still get the fight with Danny, but it wouldn’t be nearly as big if he came into that fight with a loss.

There are a lot of interesting dialogues in Broner’s Instagram post.

First, why was this picture taken? I mean, why would the photographer go out of his way to take? At a planned photo session, the shots are typically planned, like at a wedding. The photographer isn’t going to waste his time taking pictures for the sake of innuendos or to boost a person’s social media platform.

No, this was done for a reason. This was always a part of this photography session. I doubt that either Broner or Garcia or both, suddenly came up with the idea and were like, “Yo, cameraman, if you got any film left in that last roll could you do me a favor?”

So, if this was planned, why take this photo at a session meant for PBC’s overall promotion, especially if Garcia and Broner aren’t fighting anytime soon. Even if this fight is part of the plan, there will be plenty of time to get the necessary shots in and they wouldn’t have had to take this kind of shots so soon.

The promise of this fight is even more likely when you take into consideration that Broner has never been so candid about fighting his friend Danny Garcia. Broner has made comments recently about fighting Danny, but nothing to this degree. In the past, Broner has made it a point to disparage the very thought of a fight between him and Garcia with the excuse that they are friends.

Still, Broner made a point to use several hashtags to clarify they are friends and that he hopes to remain friends.

Broner seems ready to make the fight a reality. What stuck out to me the most was the fact that he referred to the fight as “mega” and even had a tagline for the fight, “Business Before Friendship.”

With Mayweather supposedly retiring at the end of his ShowTime contract, which guarantees one last fight after his May 2nd fight with Pacquiao and assuming he makes that fight in September, there will be a void in May of 2016.

Broner could be wanting to capitalize on the void and attempting to grab the ball from Mayweather. He knows he needs a “mega” fight to capture the audience and the rights to the date. Hopefully, this fight comes to fruition even if it takes place on another date, sometime this year would be great.