Gennady “GGG” Golovkin-Martin Murray Preview



This Saturday the new face of HBO Boxing makes his 2015 debut as Gennady “GGG” Golovkin goes to Monte Carlo, Monaco, to defend his WBA Super and IBO World Middleweight titles. Along with his interim WBC World Middleweight title against . This is the 1st big event on HBO since the Brandon Rios – Mike Alvarado facade that was put on in front of most of boxing fan’s eyes that expected both boxers to actually give their 100%. Between Golovkin, who wants to be one of the bigger stars in the sport. Murray, who has shown, isn’t afraid of the big spot, we shouldn’t have the same problem with these two.

Golovkin will be stepping into the ring with now the 2nd highest KO percentage of any champion, as Deontay’s Wilder win against Bermane Stiverne in January topped him. GGG still has an unblemished record of 31-0 with 28 stoppages, and while a lot of people thought Geale is a better fighter than Murray, I personally think Murray will be Golovkin’s biggest challenge to date. Golovkin has wanted bigger, better opponents, but thus far, one of those top tier opponents are yet to bite and leaving the division may be his only option.

So far through his career, Golovkin has dominated everyone put in front of him. He has shown that he is not just a brawler and has some very good technical skills, but it’s very hard to talk about Golovkin without speaking of his raw, pure natural power. He has the type of power that even when blocking, you will feel his piercing punches and high guards get left with bruises. However, with all of that being said, his best wins are against Daniel Geale, Matthew Macklin, and Gabriel Rosado, good fighters, but not exactly murderers row.

Martin Murray is a tough UK fighter that will be entering the ring with a 29-1-1 record with 12 stoppages. His only loss was in enemy territory in Argentina against heavy home country favorite, Sergio Martinez, a fight in which Murray knocked Martinez down, and I felt Murray won. However with how rowdy the crowd was and with high emotions in the air, it was hard to ever see Murray getting an objective scorecard there. Murray also earned a split decision draw against Felix Sturm, in Sturm’s home country of Germany, a fight that seemed to get Murray the respect he has today.

Golovkin is trying to continue to grow his brand as he has done very well in ticket sales for his last two fights at Madison Square Garden and StubHub respectively. Murray is trying to show that his fight against Sergio Martinez was not a fluke and that he is good enough to be looked at as one of the top middleweights in the world. When all is said and done, I think this fight could surprisingly go the distance. Murray is a fighter that won’t quit, he has good defense, and he has good solid technical skills. However, I don’t think he will get the decision, because Golovkin’s arsenal is just too much for him to defense and make for his won offense.

For the official prediction, I’m picking Golovkin by decision, or by Murray’s corner throwing in the towel. I don’t think Golovkin will be able to KO him, but he may beat hi into submission. No matter what happens, either the legend of GGG will continue to grow or Murray will pull off probably the biggest upset in boxing in recent memory. Either way, unless you’re lucky enough to be in Monaco, it’s going to be a good for the viewing public. In what will be a semi-quiet month of boxing, this maybe the best fight until what would be a great month of fights in March, but until then, just enjoy the fight.