Golden Boy Happy To Return To Atlantic City With Broner-Rees, Mitchell-Banks 2


    The Northeast was hit hard this past fall when Super Storm Sandy came along. It destroyed a lot and did most of his damage to the Jersey Shore. Along that Jersey Shore is Atlantic City, which is popular for its casinos and to boxing fans on the east coast, it’s a prime sport for major boxing events.

    Last November in the famed Boardwalk Hall, Golden Boy Promotions held a prize fight between Adrien Broner and Antonio Demarco with Johnathon Banks and Seth Mitchell on the undercard of an HBO telecast event. Broner and Banks won their bouts via stoppage. Three months later, Golden Boy will return to the same venue with three of the four participants when Adrien Broner takes on Gavin Rees while Banks and Mitchell take on each other again.

    Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions is happy to be back in Atlantic City. “We’re extremely, extremely excited to once again return back to Atlantic City where first and foremost we were able to raise a big amount of money that went towards the Boys and Girls Clubs there in Atlantic City. In our last outing with Adrien Broner, with Banks, also with Seth Mitchell, so it was an exciting, exciting event and a very successful event in terms of giving back to Atlantic City,” stated De La Hoya.

    The Banks-Mitchell rematch is taking place again because Mitchell exercised his immediate rematch clause in his contract. Mitchell has fought his last few fights in Atlantic City and is no stranger to Boardwalk Hall. According to De La Hoya going right back to avenge his only loss immediately speaks to who Seth Mitchell is.

    “Seth Mitchell is the one who wanted this rematch and it goes to show you the character, it goes to show you the hard work that he’s putting into this rematch.  I strongly believe we will see a stronger, faster and, most importantly, wiser Seth Mitchell, one fighter who was on the canvas, got back up and is going to fight even harder, so this is one fight that we’re really, really looking forward to live on HBO Championship Boxing.”

    While there are questions that will be answered on both sides in the rematch of Banks-Mitchell, the main attraction of this event is Adrien Broner. Broner who moved up to lightweight last November, picked up a title when he stopped Antonio Demarco. Broner had been angling to unify with UK star Ricky Burns. However, Burns decided to go another route. Instead, another UK fighter stepped to the plate in Gavin Rees.

    Gavin Rees is a former world title holder that’s coming over to try and provide a solution to “Da Problem”.  Rees has talked a good game and matched Broner in the word department thus far. When mentioning the charisma of Broner and his brushing of the hair antics during his fights, Rees responded by telling Broner, “Keep the belts warm for me and I’ll brush your hair after my victory.”

    On a conference call with both participants, Broner mentioned of not knowing who Rees was and just hoped he brings his A-game because it’s going to be a long night for Rees, even taunting Rees by stating, “All right, Gavin, welcome to America.  Train hard, man. You can come and watch training camp.  I’ll help you out.”

    While the words are fun they still have to play out in the ring on both fronts. Most see this as just another victory for Broner on his climb up the superstar ladder. However, Rees is a former world champion who might not make it as easy as some see it going for Broner. Whatever the case may be, it’s good to see big events like this land on the east coast, particularly Atlantic City; a staple location in the boxing world.