Golovkin Fails to Look Spectacular, Gets Trolled by De La Hoya


    Julio Garcia

    It has been almost nine months since Gennady Golovkin suffered the first loss of his career against Canelo Alvarez which left many boxing fans wondering where he would go and how he would look after that loss. There’s some that believe he won that fight as well as the first fight against Canelo but when you take a look at how beat up he was it’s obviously the clear winner was. after taking that amount of punishment, would he return to the ring and destroy his opponent in order to get a third fight with Canelo? After his fight against Steve Roll, there are more questions that need to be answered.

    Going into the fight, Golovkin was the clear favorite and many boxing fans did not have a clue who Roll was and those that did give him no shot at all. Roll was able to handle himself well at times in the fight but it didn’t seem to be too much of an issue for Golovkin whose face began to get marked up by the Canadian fighter. Golovkin got caught with some great shots but he was able to do what was expected of him against that level of fighter but he did not look spectacular doing so.

    Sergio Mora felt that this showcase and victory was enough to warrant a third fight with Canelo but there are quite a few that would say the contrary to what Mora believes. One of those people is none other than Oscar De La Hoya who criticized the level of opposition Golovkin faced and then proceeded to troll him.

    “Nice comeback win,” tweeted De La Joya. “Now fight a real fighter, win a belt, and I’ll consider doing the 3rd fight.” Oscar finished off the tweet with the hashtag: #Caneloisyourboss.

    Julio Garcia