Golovkin-Martinez or Golovkin-Ward, What Intrigues You More?


With Gennady Golovkin’s amazing victory over Mathew Macklin this past Saturday HBO is pushing hard for the hard hitting fighter from Kazakhstan to face middleweight kingpin Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez who is nursing a couple injuries and is expected to return less than a year away. Surely with Martinez’ decline due to age and injuries, HBO is looking to crown a new king at the middleweight division. It has been said by Martinez’ handlers that fighter is coming to the end of his career which is a sad because it was just a few years ago that he made it to the top.

A fight between Golovkin and Martinez is a fight that fans would love to see had it been sooner but with Martinez’ current condition, it is not as competitive and not as exciting as it would have been.

So what can HBO do? They could make a fight between Golovkin and Super Middleweight Champion Andre Ward. For Ward it would be a career defining fight. Yes he won the Super Six which was huge but since the Super Six he has not done much besides beating a weight drained Chad Dawson (the result would have been the same at either weight) and injuring himself. A fight between Golovkin and Ward would be huge and could even build either one of them as a Pay Per View attraction, not to mention be a definitive fight for both fighters.

Does Golovkin have the fan base in the U.S.? If he did not before then he should after last week, he should have no problem selling tickets contrary to Ward who has had a difficult time selling tickets outside of Oakland

The biggest question one has to ask is does HBO want the fight? Do they want to risk two of their top fighters? Of course they do but not right away. They will do what promoters have done and marinate it for a bit but hopefully not for too long because in the sport of boxing…anything can happen.