HBO BAD Recap: Ortiz handles Thompson with ease by stopping him in the 6th


luis-ortizFans in attendance at the DC Armory in Washington, D.C. were happy that they got their money’s worth in the co-feature — an excellent welterweight showdown between Jessie Vargas and Sadam Ali — because the main event was less than stellar.


After the monster-sized Cuban in the heavyweight division got everything out of a win over Bryant Jennings in his 2015 finale, Luis Ortiz easily put Tony Thompson away in the 6th round following the third knockdown in the fight.


It really did seem like a matter of time once the bell sounded to begin the fight. Ortiz landed flush with his left hand from the southpaw stance and it sent Thompson down in the first round. The most shocking aspect of the first round was that Thompson made it out of the round.


Thompson was always in danger of being stopped, but he did seem to make it a bit easier by waiting for Ortiz to make his move. He was laying back and allowing Ortiz to pick the moments, completely and obligatorily.


Surprisingly enough, Thompson made it to the 3rd round and managed to sneak a left hand or two in there, one of which landed flush on Ortiz’s chin but had nothing behind it. However, at the end of a round that could arguably been awarded to Thompson, Ortiz got a look in his eye that suggested he’d had enough and perhaps frustrated with Thompson carrying on as a guy with a chance. Ortiz loaded up following a busy jab and threw a left hand that landed on the temple of Thompson who instantly hit the canvas upon being hit.


It was the same punch combination from Ortiz, but he didn’t need much else. Thompson used his range well enough.


The fight was finally over in the 6th round as Ortiz landed yet another left hand on the temple of Thompson, this time off a counter.


In the end, Ortiz landed double the amount of punches that his opponent did but neither fighter threw all that many punches.


Ortiz needs to make as many lasting impressions as possible before he ends up in a position to challenge for a real title against a real challenge. That said, it is understandable that he was forced to do what he had to against the only fighter that would fight him and considering the fact that so many fighters turned down this fight, it is likely that Ortiz will find himself in a similar situation soon enough.


However, next time he’ll have to find a way of putting the fight on his shoulders to create a real moment, a lasting moment, an inspired moment to whatever degree is possible.