Hearn Calls Rees Broner’s Best Opponent


    On the most recent episode of ThaBoxingVoice radio show there was a strong representation from the UK, which culminated with an appearance from head of Matchroom Boxing Promotions, Eddie Hearn.

    The straight talking Hearn wasted no time by going into great depths detailing current state and future plans for all of the fighters in his camp.

    When discussing his fighter Gavin Rees’ scheduled fight with Adrien Broner on the 16th of February in Atlantic City, his comments were typically honest and enlightening.“He’s a huge outsider I’m not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes,” Hearn stated in relation to Rees prospects in the fight.

    “However, he’s nowhere near the outsider the bookmakers are making him” “There isn’t one opponent Adrien Broner has beaten that Gavin Rees wouldn’t beat and that includes (Antonio) DeMarco,” Hearn’s added.

    Hearn clearly has a strong belief in all of his fighters in any potential matchup they go into and expressed his frustrations at some of the posturing that regularly frustrates fight fans and continues to cast a cloud over the sport.

    In relation to those who have questioned his decision to matchup Rees with Broner: “You’ve got to take these chances, you’ve got to take these opportunities, what else are you going to do? He’s probably making 7 or 8 times what he normally makes on his normal purse.” “It doesn’t get any bigger, tell me if I’m wrong isn’t that what you’re in the game for?” Hearn questioned.

    It was clear this was a part of boxing he found particularly frustrating, following in the footsteps of his father: legendary UK promoter Barry Hearn, he’s removed from some of the historical obstacles that occur in generating big fights.

    “This is what it’s all about, you get to a certain level and these are the type of fight you need to take. All I can do as a promoter is give our guys opportunities’, he concluded, which summarized his overall outlook for his fighters and promotions.


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