Hearn Talks Froch-Kessler 2, Says Ward’s Best Option is a Rematch With The Winner


    ThaBoxingVoice, caught up with Eddie Hearn, head of Matchroom Boxing, to discuss the eagerly awaited rematch between his prized fighter, Carl Froch and Danish superstar Mikkel Kessler in a Super middleweight unification bout.

    It’s rare that fans get to see a match up they have demanded and in addition to this, it’s a fight that both fighters, in particular Froch were desperate to make. When commenting on the fight Hearn, enthused:

    “We sold 17 thousand tickets in 3 hours, shows you how big this fight is.”

    Despite Froch being the fighter trying to avenge his first career loss, Hearn went on to detail, Froch was deserving of his hometown billing due to the first fight taking place in Denmark and Froch’s stellar resume, arguably one of the best resumes of any active fighter in boxing today.

    “This is something that Froch deserves, this kind of fight in the UK, finally getting the acclaim he deserves. He’s been all over the world fighting the best back to back.”

    When taking about the negotiations of the fight being in the UK Hearn added:

    “That’s credit to Kessler and Kalle Sauerland, we said the only way the fight is going to happen is in the UK, it’s been done in Denmark, and it would be ridiculous to go back there.”

    “Respect to them for coming over, they could have done it in Denmark, sold the same amount of tickets with same amount of revenue,” he added.

    When asked about the prospect of stateside rematch with Super Middleweight King, Andre Ward, who has beaten both fighters, Hearn responded, “I think they are gearing up the winner of that fight (Froch- Kessler) to fight Andre Ward”.

    The prospects of these potential Super Middleweight Super fights, do seem to be an exciting and realistic probability as Hearn went on to add stark reality to Ward’s alternative options:

    “When you look at the option for Andre Ward in the division, it’s so thin, who could he fight?”

    Hearn continued the same sentiment after the Broner-Rees fight this past Saturday. “Ward’s best option is to fight the winner of this fight over here, especially Froch if he wins, in the UK. That fight would do 30,000 in a soccer stadium easy. If not where does Andre go, move up to fight Tavoris Cloud?”