Heather Hardy moving to 135, looking for an opponent


Boxing is a tough sport. You take a beating physically and mentally. When you’re on top it’s such a high and when you’re low it can be rock bottom. 2020 has not made it easy for those in the fight game either.

Heather “The Heat” Hardy last fought in September of 2019 when she suffered the first loss of her professional career against Amanda Serrano. The fight with Serrano happened when a fight between Hardy and Canada’s Jelena Mrdjenovich failed to come to fruition. Throw covid in the mix for 2020 and changes need to be made.

Hardy will no longer be fighting at 126lbs and has decided (her body decided for her) that 135lbs is where it’s going to be for her and she’s already looking for an opponent.

“I didn’t belong at 126,” stated Hardy via Twitter. “My fat ass nearly died making weight every damn camp.  Weight cut week? 30 hours no food or water. All-day in the plastics, dead in the steam room. Spitting in a cup on my way to the scale. 135 for 2021. Who wants to fight me?”

There are some great options at lightweight but time will tell with what’s going on in the world to see who’s available and who’s willing to fight.