Hopkins-Kovalev Round by Round Prediction: Alien vs. Krusher


    images (1)Bernard Hopkins, the reigning IBF and WBA light heavyweight world champion, will be taking on WBO light heavyweight title holder Sergey Kovalev on Saturday, November 8th from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey live on HBO.

    Hopkins (55-6-2, 32 KO) will turn 50 years of age on Jan. 15 and plans to shock the boxing world once more by beating Kovalev (25-0-1, 23 KO). Hopkins knows that Kovalev is no joke.

    Kovalev (25-0, 23 KO) is 13-0-1 with 13 knockouts in his past 14 fights albeit has never gone beyond eight rounds, winning an eight-round split decision against Darnell Boone, a fight that Kovalev struggled in. However, in the rematch held in June 2012, Kovalev stopped Boone in two rounds.

    Hopkins has never been stopped in his career, but he has been sent to the canvas, most recently in his first clash with Jean Pascal, where Pascal dropped Hopkins in the first and third rounds of the bout albeit the first knockdown was the result of an illegal rabbit punch. The December 2010 bout resulted in a widely disputed draw.

    This fight is a battle between experience and youth, offensive power vs. defensive mastery. The prediction for Alien vs. Krusher is here.

    Round 1: The bell rings and we are underway. Kovalev retreats to a neutral corner. Hopkins ties up Kovalev. Hopkins’s awkward style is confusing Kovalev so far. Hopkins feints, looking for an opening. A sweet uppercut lands for Hopkins. Kovalev misses with the left and Hopkins tags him with the jab. Kovalev traps Hopkins in the corner and they exchange combinations. The crowd is on their feet. That right hand from Hopkins sent the sweat on Kovalev’s head flying. That concludes the first round.

    Round 1 Winner:Hopkins, Hopkins 10 Kovalev 9

    Round 2: Kovalev is trying to work the body but cannot find the range. Hopkins tags Kovalev with the uppercut. Hopkins lands with the lead right to the head and with another crisp uppercut inside. Kovalev tags Hopkins with the cross and “The Alien” holds on. A strong hook to the body lands for Hopkins. Kovalev tags Hopkins in the jaw with a huge right hand and buries a hook to the body. That was a tremendous shot and it probably won Kovalev the round.

    Round 2 Winner: Kovalev,  Kovalev 19 Hopkins 19

     Round 3: They trade combos in the center of the ring and Hopkins landed the better shots. Naazim Richardson is urging Hopkins to watch out for Kovalev’s right hand. Hopkins scores with a jab to the body. Hopkins lands with a vicious uppercut and Kovalev is going to have to hold on after being stunned by that punch. A short hook to the head lands for Hopkins. Hopkins wins an easy round.

    Round 3 Winner: Hopkins, Hopkins 29 Kovalev 28 

    Round 4: Hopkins lands a pair of short hooks just above the waist line and follows up with an uppercut. Kovalev is trying to find the range with the jab, but is coming off just short. Hopkins tags Kovalev with a pair of jabs in return. A pair of right hooks hurts Hopkins and he staggers into the ropes struggling to remain upright and he holds on to Kovalev. After separating from Kovalev’s onslaught, Hopkins tags Kovalev with a strong jab.

    Round 4 Winner: Kovalev, Hopkins 38 Kovalev 38

    Round 5: Kovalev lands a sizzling cross and takes a combination from Hopkins. A pair of short hooks find the target for Hopkins. “Alien” ties up Kovalev and lands a solid uppercut to the head from inside. Hopkins handled that round with ease.

    Round 5 Winner: Hopkins,  Hopkins 48 Kovalev 47 

    Round 6: Kovalev is falling into the trap. He is starting to fight Hopkins’s fight. Kovalev is coming straight forward to start the sixth. Hopkins lands a left-right combo and feints low and sneaks home the cross. Kovalev fires the lead right and comes up with nothing but carbon dioxide. A nasty cross lands for Hopkins. Kovalev was staggered by that shot. The crowd is on their feet as Kovalev fires a left-right combination at Hopkins, but none of the shots landed.

    Round 6 Winner: Hopkins, Hopkins 58 Kovalev 56 

    Round 7: A perfectly timed cross keeps Kovalev honest. A stiff combination hurts Hopkins and “Alien” holds on for the clinch. Kovalev throws a flurry of blows, but Hopkins blocks them all. Hopkins lands a solid cross to the body to end the round.

    Round 7 Winner: Hopkins, Hopkins 68 Kovalev 65 

    Round 8: Kovalev is hurt by the uppercut. Hopkins is approaching the half-century mark, but it is the older man who is darting in and out, keeping Kovalev off balance. Hopkins lands an uppercut and a pair of crosses and moves to the side as Kovalev takes a swing, but comes up with the ropes. Hopkins tags Kovalev with the jab. Kovalev’s left eye is swelling considerably.

    Round 8 Winner: Hopkins, Hopkins 78 Kovalev 74 

    Round 9: Kovalev lands a solid hook to Hopkins’s body to start the ninth. Hopkins lands a solid cross to the body that had some power behind it. Kovalev lands a big right hook to the head of Hopkins. Hopkins feints and lands an overhand right, but it did not land cleanly. The lead right lands solidly for Hopkins. Kovalev’s eye continues to swell. Kovalev is throwing some big shots, but he cannot find Hopkins.

    Round 9 Winner: Hopkins 88-83 Hopkins

    Round 10: Kovalev is trying to tie up Hopkins to land some punches on the inside, but one of them was a low blow. Referee David Fields warns Kovalev to keep his punches up. A short uppercut lands for Hopkins. Kovalev throws the right hand, but Hopkins was anticipating it and tagged Kovalev with a short, crisp jab.

    Round 10 Winner: Hopkins, Hopkins 98 Kovalev 92 

    Round 11: Hopkins scores with a combination to the body. Kovalev feints, then scores with the hook upstairs. Hopkins was hurt by that shot and Kovalev digs to the body. He is going for the KO. Kovalev continues to attack the body and catches Hopkins flush with a cross down the pipe. Now, Hopkins’s left eye is beginning to swell.

    Round 11 Winner: Kovalev, Hopkins 107 Kovalev 102 

    Round 12: Hopkins darts in and out and Kovalev lands a solid uppercut. Hopkins has to hold on to Kovalev. Kovalev is doing exactly what he did in the 11th round and is digging hard at Hopkins’s body. A hook to the midsection lands with authority for Kovalev. But, Kovalev leaves himself open for a combination from Hopkins! A right hook to the body lands for Hopkins. Hopkins blocks the right hook from Kovalev. This fight is over.

    Round 12 Winner: Kovalev,  Hopkins 116-112 Kovalev

    Winner: Bernard Hopkins by Decision 116-112