How Antonio DeMarco Can Upset Adrien Broner


    Antonio DeMarco vs. Adrien Broner: DeMarco’s Keys to victory

    DeMarco is no stranger to upsetting the odds. The Mexican southpaw will go into his November 17th clash as a clear underdog against Adrien Broner, currently being touted as one of boxing’s future superstars. However, Demarco has already put the breaks on another potential superstar in the making, Jorge Linares in what was his signature win to date. Let’s look at some of the keys points that could attribute to another career defining upset for DeMarco.


    Box tall

    Demarco has a distinct height advantage and combing this with his underrated boxing skills, he should try to utilize this. Keep Broner off-balance and out of range with the hope of frustrating Broner into over committing, which will lead to opportunities to use his excellent counter punching skills.


    Stick to the game plan

    It is almost 2nd nature for a proven warrior like DeMarco to let his Mexican pride kick in and get dragged into a brawl. DeMarco has to try to avoid these urges, especially early in the fight and stick to a disciplined game plan. This approach left him unstuck in his last defeat to Edwin Valero. (RIP)

    Against Jorge Linares he corrected this by keeping his composure, despite loosing majority of the fight and slowly increasing the pressure and picking the perfect moment to press the action. He would be best advised to adopt a similar strategy. Due to Broner moving up, he may dismiss him as the ‘smaller’ man and discredit his strength and punching power but Broner’s physicality, quickness, and variety of  punch selection will have to be game planned for by De Marco and his team.

    Keep a fast rhythm not tempo

    A comparison of his two signature fights, illustrate the importance and difference between maintaining a fast tempo vs. fast rhythm.

    Against Valero he tried to match Valero with punch volume and power shots and was out on his feet before eventually retiring in the 9th round. Versus Jorge Linares, DeMarco walked him down keeping a fast rhythm makingLinares operate under more pressure and purposely keeping his punch output low untilLinares had been taken into deep waters and subsequently drowned him with a late onslaught.

    Broner is the clear favorite and has added pressure in trying to impress. Carrying Broner at a faster than expected pace is an added recipe for victory.