How Does Adrien Broner Market Himself Now That He Lost?


    Adrien Broner has followed in the footsteps of Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his fighting style, outspokenness, cockiness amongst other things. He made himself one of the most hated fighters in the sport of boxing to the point fans would want to pay to see him lose, just like Mayweather.

    Last Saturday boxing fans tuned in and got to see Broner suffer his first defeat and it wasn’t just a defeat, it was an ass kicking.

    Now that fans have seen him lose, how does Broner market himself as a fighter?

    Golden Boy may try to build him back up against lesser competition but that was one of the problems that contributed to his excessive cockiness and why he has failed against top level competition.

    Should Broner want to market himself better he could tone down his obnoxiousness and take fights that will challenge him which could make him more marketable should he succeed. That would be the logical thing to do.