If Not Garcia, Lucas Matthysse Would Love a Peterson or a Khan Fight


    The legend of ‘The Machine” Lucas Matthysse grew in his last performance against Mike Dallas when he made Dallas take a nap with the first punch he landed. Before we get ahead of ourselves, he was heavily favored against Dallas but to his credit, he ended the fight in a way to grow his mystique in the 140 lb division.

    Matthysse has been a victim of tough luck decisions against the likes of Devon Alexander and Zab Judah in fights where he dropped both of his opponents but what was unable to finish them off. Because of this, Lucas has been out to end the fights with his two fists instead of leaving it up to the judges.

    “Yes, the plan is to go for the knockout because of fights against Alexander and Judah, the fight was mine. I wasn’t too experienced but what I learned from the losses are things that are going to make me a better fighter, and you’ve seen that in my last few fights,” Matthysse said in an interview with ThaBoxingVoice.com.

    While Matthysse is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, one of the biggest promoters in boxing, many of the top names aren’t really looking his way for a fight but Matthysse is certainly looking their way. “I’m asking for the big fights, I asked for Danny Garcia in the press conference, I’m ready to make the big fight against Garcia or whoever the big opponent is. I hope Danny makes the fight, WBC did order the fight. That’s the fight I am looking for,” explained Matthysse.

    The 140 lb division is one of the best in boxing and Golden Boy Promotions has much of the talent in that division. Aside from Garcia, Golden Boy also promotes UK star Amir Khan and newly signed IBF title holder, Lamont Peterson. Matthysse has no quarrels facing either guy.

    “Peterson is a good boxer and it would be a good fight. But I’m looking for the bigger fights against Danny Garcia, but if there’s another fighter at that level, then I would fight him.”

    ThaBoxingVoice.com conducted a video interview with Amir Khan in 2012 where Khan stated that he would entertain a fight with Lucas Matthysse. Regarding Khan, Matthysse replied, “This is the first I’ve heard of it, but it’s a big and great fight that I’d love to have.”

    Aside from those fights, the on fight the hardcore fans have been begging for is one against his countrymen, Marcos Maidana. In what would be a sure candidate for fight of the year, a fight with Maidana is something Matthysse would love but knows right now, it’s just not feasible.

    “I like the fight with Maidana, it’s a fight Argentina’s been calling for. But right now we’re at different weight classes, but someday before we retire we can make it happen.”


    For Audio of this interview click here: http://thaboxingvoice.cogito24.com/lucas-matthysse-willie-nelson-delvin-rodriguez-steve-kim-tha-boxingvoice-radio-t-v/9442