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253989_10150665231875215_693940214_19356955_1497851_nTha Boxing Voice had an opportunity to sit down with one of the top super bantamweight prospects, Puerto Rican native, Luis Rosa (17-0, 7  KO’s).  Luis is a force to be reckoned with, coming off the biggest win of his career against Orlando Del Valle earlier this year.  Despite being knocked down in the 5th round, and a point deduction for a low blow, Rosa was still able to pull out a 10 round unanimous decision against Del Valle.  So what’s next for this young, hungry prospect?  Fighting out of Connecticut under Lou Dibella entertainment, his team keeps him busy in the ring. “I’m actually going to talk to Lou Dibella this week and see what’s next. We’re ready, and we want to fight. The fight went well (Del Valle) like we planned.  We’re hungry, so we want to keep fighting, and get in the ring as soon as possible.  Definitely we want to get another fight in before the year is over, two if possible, Rosa said.  Rosa and his team always ensure that he’s in shape, and constantly in the gym, and not just to stay sharp.  They are ready for the next step up in competition,  and willing to fight whoever is ready to take him on.  “We don’t have anyone in mind at the moment, but there isn’t anyone that we would not fight.”

Over the past couple of years, Puerto Rican fighters haven’t been living up to their hype so to speak. Some just haven’t had the best track records.  Currently ranked number one  Puerto Rican fighter in his division by Boxrec, Rosa says it feels great to have that honor.  “I’m looking to increase that ranking, not just for Puerto Rico, but for the world’s ranking too.  I’m hungry, and I will be one of the next world ranked top Puerto Rican fighters.” Rosa believes he will beat the odds, and live up to his potential.  Beating Orlandito Del Valle was a credible win for Rosa, and based on that win he believes that proves he’s a quality fighter.  With each fight there’s improvement, and he’s showcasing how talented he is to the boxing world.  Rosa feels strong at 122lbs, so making weight for him is a non-issue, because of this he believes this is where he will win his world title.  Eventually somewhere in the distant future he may make the jump up to the 126lb division.

We asked Luis if he was ready for some of the top names in the 122lb division like, Rigondeaux, Quigg, Darchinyan, or Mathebula. We asked if he watched the division, and if he was interested in taking on any of those names. “I always thought of a fight with Darchinyan.”  Currently Rosa and his team are taking their time match making with the bigger names, and in time those fights will be made.

Something that may be even bigger than fighting top names,  will be fighting in his native country. Rosa believes within the next year a fight could be made in Puerto Rico, which is important to him in regards to helping him build his fan base there.  Hailing from Caguas, Puerto Rico, Rosa will have big shoes to fill because of what Miguel Cotto has done.  Rosa has his own division however to make his own mark. Stay on the lookout for this kid, and watch for more updates on his career right here with on Tha Boxing Voice.

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