Miguel Diaz Outraged That Herrera Was Allowed to Continue After Second Round


    Ismael Salas_Mike Jones_Miiguel Dial_Richie SandovalMiguel Diaz, who was in the corner of Mike Jones last Saturday when he was stopped in seven rounds by Jaime Herrera, wasn’t particularly happy with referee Earl Brown.

    Diaz thought that after his fighter knocked Herrera down at the end of the second round, and seemingly had him extremely hurt, the fight should have stopped. “I don’t want to criticize the referee because he didn’t stop the fight, but that fight would have been stopped in any other state. In Vegas it would have been stopped,” Diaz explained. He went on to say, “When the bell sounded the kid was completely unconscious. The kid spent minutes answering questions. Why the referee didn’t stop the fight? It’s impossible to me.”

    When asked what he thought of Jones’ performance before being stopped Diaz replied, “He was doing great. He was in great shape, great condition. No question about it. After the third or fourth round he got head butted and his eye was closed and he could see nothing and we lost.”

    So what’s next for Mike Jones after suffering his second consecutive stoppage loss? “Rest, we have to rest and that kid better have rest too because in three rounds he got his brains shellacked with punches that he never got hit with in his life. That’s for sure, but that’s their business. Our business is rest for three months and then he will decide what he wants to do,” Diaz said.

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