Is ATL Boxing’s Next Big City? DaCarree “MacTruck” Scott Says ‘Yes,’ And Expects to Put on Show for Hometown Fans


DaCarree “MacTruck” Scott (5-0, 5KOs) is set to fight tonight on Tri-Star Boxing card, live from Atlanta, Georgia. The joint Southpaw Promotions card is part of a two-day event taking place Friday and Saturday. MackTruck is a featured attraction on the card, taking on Jaden Booth (3-2, 3KOs) of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Born in Denver, DaCarree has made Atlanta his de facto home and the city supports him. The city is hungry for boxing and fight fans in the area have shown their enthusiasm recently by showing up in a big way for “Tank” Davis.

“I’m feeling good, I’m ready to go,” DaCarree said. “But I can’t wait to be in front of that crowd. I love fighting in Atlanta. To me, it’s like the next big city coming up in boxing. I’m from Atlanta, it’s my home city and I’m fighting for the ATL.

MackTruck is carrying a five-fight KO/TKO streak into this fight, but he understands what his strengths are in the ring. So, for the 23-year-old heavyweight, he’s looking for a well-balanced kind of success.

“If I beat him impressively, that’s what matters. What looks impressive is if he doesn’t touch me. Yes, knockouts sell, but that don’t make the fight. There are a lot of guys that get the knockout and don’t look impressive. Everybody wants the knockout, but not everybody wants to get knocked out. Some people come to fight and that’s who I want.”

As for Booth himself, he could easily be overlooked in a fight like this. But his 3-2 record should not fool you because aside from scoring stoppage victories in all of his wins, Booth is coming off his biggest victory to date—a third-round KO victory over Keith Rydell Mayes Jr back in February of this year.

It was certainly an upset win for Booth, who took Mayes’ undefeated record away with an overhand right that landed flush. For Booth, he expects DaCarree to come straight for him in an attempt to get in and out.

That said, DaCarree’s trainer, Mustafa Meekins – better known as Coach Mustafa – wants his fighter to showcase his advanced ring IQ. Coach Mustafa is more than just a boxing coach, he incorporates an original philosophy and connects with his fighters in a real way.

“I want him to show his slickness,” Coach Mustafa said. “He’s got the boxing IQ and ring Generalship to go along with the power he’s known for, but I want him busy. Stay busy and keep his face clean.”

Coach Mustafa is too knowledgeable to allow his fighter to overlook any opponent. In fact, MacTruck seems to revel in the challenge.

“It’s more motivation because he ain’t coming to lay down, he coming to fight and throw punches. But he also gonna give me the opportunity to get something vicious. A vicious knockout, I mean something big.”