Is Pacquiao waiting to make a safer choice? Mayweather thinks so

Manny PacquiaoAnother week has come and gone yet we are still no closer to an official announcement for who will be selected as Manny Pacquiao’s final opponent of his career.
A decision was supposed to be ready by Friday, December 4th, then was postponed until the 11th of December only to be delayed once more and Mayweather feels like he knows the reason why Pacquiao’s team is being so careful with the decision.
No, not Floyd Mayweather Jr., Pacquiao’s longtime rival who outpointed the Filipino slugger by unanimous decision last May, but Floyd’s uncle Jeff Mayweather spoke with Dontae’s Boxing Nation to give his take on the entire situation.
Over the last couple weeks it has been rumored that Pacquiao favours a third matchup with Tim Bradley over his other options Amir Khan and Terrence Crawford. When asked why Pacquiao would prefer Bradley, Jeff Mayweather replied “he beat him twice already…it’s a safer choice.”
“Pacquiao’s at the end of his career, don’t need no money anymore with all the money he made with the Floyd fight. Basically, he’s in a position where, ok, you know what I got out there for me, I’m taking the weakest option.”
Jeff went on to add that a rubber match between Bradley and Pacquiao for the welterweight title would be the ideal fight for team Pacquiao in comparison to taking a risk against the young up and comer Crawford who in his opinion beats Pacquiao but “has no value.”
Crawford’s value is still very much to be determined, but Bradley’s value could be at an all-time high after his knockout victory over Brandon Rios last month and the help of his new trainer, Teddy Atlas, who’s charisma and ferocity just may be what is needed to try and sell a third fight to the public already fatigued from two matches where Pacquiao controlled almost all of the action.
Jeff Mayweather agrees with the notion that Top Rank will focus on Atlas saying “the selling point of this fight is not going to be Tim Bradley. Not going to be even Pacquiao. It’s going to be Teddy Atlas.”
Atlas’ presence doesn’t change Jeff’s prediction on the outcome of the proposed fight, stating “I just think Pacquiao is better than him…Tim’s been in a lot of wars.” A statement that, judging from the complaints spread across various platforms when this fight was rumored, many boxing fans agree with.