Is The End Drawing Near For Victor Ortiz’s Boxing Career For A Life On The Silver Screen?


    Victor Ortiz is an exciting fighter to watch inside the ring whether you like him or not. Win or lose do you feel as if you have gotten your money’s worth with the effort that he puts into his fights and his will to win.

    Since his knockout loss to Marcos Maidana his performances have been hit and miss. He may seem on and come out victorious in one fight and be off his game and come up short in the next. It has been something that fans and media have criticized him for numerous times. The biggest criticism that he gets is for his “lack of heart” in the ring. Whether he still has “it” or not is debatable and he may be chinny but the fact that he could win or lose at any second makes him a fighter that you watch whether you admit it or not.

    But Ortiz’ time in boxing may be coming closer to an end.

    Ortiz has officially signed on for a roll in an upcoming movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal titled “Southpaw”. This is currently Ortiz’s second role in a major motion picture and if all goes well he may exit boxing sooner than people think. While many boxing fans may call it a distraction from boxing Ortiz may be preparing himself for life after boxing and it is not completely a bad thing for him to venture elsewhere while remaining in the sport but it can affect his health from the damage he takes from not being fully focused when it comes time to fight. Regardless, should Ortiz decide to retire and pursue other ventures in life he has a lot to be proud of.

    We may have seen the last of Victor Ortiz this year and we may have not not. Truth be told that is entirely up to him but as of now it seems like he is not ready to make his decision and focus on one career alone.