Ishe Smith Confused By Wilder’s Silence At The Press Conference For 3rd Fury Fight


    Tuesday’s press conference for Tyson Fury – Deontay Wilder 3 was lacking many important things. The first thing it lacked was fan attendance. If there were fans there they were awfully quiet. The way Fury came out would have garnered a tremendous reaction from the fans. The stare down alone would have been electric (granted we would not be able to hear the back and forth). And the reaction we would have gotten from the other main component that was missing would have had fans going crazy.

    Wilder said his piece at the beginning of the press conference but after that he wanted to stay silent and kept his headphones on. Why though?

    Wilder has always been a talker and he had plenty to say in the months leading up to the press conference so why the silence now? That’s a question that many are asking including Ishe Smith.

    “Don’t know what to make of the silence, especially how talkative his past has been, and the accusations,” stated Smith via Twitter. “Seems strange, but you do have a job as a fighter to promote, just strange.”

    “If you call someone a cheat, if you say someone tampered with gloves, if you say your trainer cheated and conspired with the other camp, if you say your outfit was too heavy, if you say all these things and so happens the public gets the 3rd fight you can’t go silent.”

    “That shows your either mentally unstable, or u never believed the shit you were saying. You can say I am not here to speak on that I’m getting ready for the 3rd fight and expect a new blah blah blah, the silence speaks volumes. Especially from someone who’s been so vocal in the past.”