Ishe Smith on Saunders quitting, Andrade begging for a Canelo fight

    Ishe Smith

    There are mixed opinions on the stoppage of Canelo-Saunders. There are several that feel health comes first and there are those that believe I’m the warrior code. Fight until you can’t anymore and then fight some more.

    There are several fighters throughout history that have suffered orbital fractures/breaks and gone on until the final bell or until someone else stopped the fight. Antonio Margarito took a beating against Manny Pacquiao and fought on even  Kell Brook fought with a broken eye socket. 

    Some fighters don’t fight on though. Daniel Dubois for example did not continue fighting due to his injury. Saunders even ridiculed Dubious due to not continuing to fight, stating, “fighters get in that ring and we know what’s on the line. Before I go on one knee I’d like to go out on my back with my pulse stopped.” Turns out that’s not the case and several people are calling Saunders put on that, including Ishe Smith.

    “[Diego Corrales was] dropped 6 times in the fight [with Floyd Mayweather], got up every time,” stated Smith via social media. “Corner stopped the fight, Diego said WTF are you doing, WTF are you doing! Sorry BJS gets no pass from me especially after talking shit about Daniel Dubois. BJS talked about it, but wasn’t about that life!”

    Saunders wasn’t the only person going at it with Canelo either. The post-fight press conference got heated when Demetrius  Andrade wouldn’t stop pleading with Canelo for a fight. Canelo says he will never get it and Smith agrees that Andrade doesn’t deserve it. 

    “Canelo learned English and dropping F-bombs is so natural. It’s a very important word to the English language lol. But Andrade will never get the fight, doesn’t deserve the fight, he should of fought Charlo when he had the chance. Now he’s going around begging at pressers.”