J-Rock No Longer Interested in Trout Fight? Claiming BIG Announcement Following 9/22 Fight


Austin Trout took care of business last night in the main event of PBC’s debut card on Fox Sports 1. Trout scored a 6th round knockout over Joey Hernandez at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, California.


Trout was dominating the entire fight, but he began to mix in a very successful body attack in the middle rounds of the scheduled 10 rounder. After softening up Hernandez to the body with a right hand, the southpaw then quickly landed two left hands in succession. The body shots had a delayed reaction on Hernandez, but once he went down he was unable to beat the 10 count from referee Jack Reiss.


After the fight, Trout called out Julian “J-Rock” Williams, a Philadelphia born fighter in the junior middleweight division. Williams had actually been calling Trout out for the past several months. In fact, fans have viewed Williams’ desire to fight Trout as borderline obsessive because of his insistence on calling him out in countless interviews.


Trout has shown little interests in fighting Williams until now, but what made last night’s stage so perfect was the fact that Hernandez represents a common opponent for both fighters. J-Rock defeated Hernandez in April of this year, but the difference between performances is that he did not stop Hernandez like Trout did, but instead Williams went the full 10 rounds and earned a unanimous decision.


Trout said in the post-fight interview that the fight was a “statement” to Williams on how to take care of a fighter properly.


Trout admitted on Thaboxingvoice’s twice weekly radio show last month that he is the top dog at 154lbs within the PBC ranks, and since PBC is currently limited to fighting fighters in their own stable, he realizes that he is the man to beat, which is why J-Rock has continuously called him out.


Those statements were reiterated by Trout last night.


Of course, Williams’ team, who is never shy about voicing their opinions on social media, took to Twitter to respond.


This was a tweet from Williams’ personal Twitter account last night: “Only Fighter I’m focused on right now is the guy that actually signed to fight me and that’s Luciano Cuello #sept22 #PBConFS1 [smiley face emoji].” However, this message appeared before Trout’s post-fight interview, likely in preparation for Trout’s predictable win.


However, Stephen “Breadman” Edwards, the trainer of Williams, had a direct response to Trout.


“Everybody getting excited. But Trout could have fought Jrock tonight. Why the Hernandez tune up…..Don’t believe the hype” – @BreadmanBoxing (Edwards’ Twitter handle).


Edwards has told Thaboxingvoice in the past that the fight was offered to Trout and that he turned down a sizeable purse to fight J-Rock, even knowing that the Williams team had already accepted the fight. The tweet was referencing just that.


But that was not the end of it. Edwards would go on to spark some innuendo and cast suspicions that J-Rock may no longer be interested in the Trout fight.


This tweet appeared later on Edwards’ timeline: “You guys are going to be shocked at @Jrockboxing (Julian Williams) wish list and where he’s willing to go to fight. Stay tuned for in ring interview 9-22” –@BreadmanBoxing.


There is no telling what Edwards is referring to when he says we’ll be “shocked” at where Williams is “willing to go to fight.” He might be referencing a move down in weight to 147lbs or perhaps a move up to 160lbs (middleweight). He could actually be talking about a catch-weight against a big named fighter. There is a chance he’s talking about a foreign fighter in his own division, making it clear that Williams is willing to travel in order to make the fight a reality.


I do not know, although when questioned by a fan on Twitter about the possibility of his tweet meaning he’d travel to Australia to fight Anthony Mundine, Edwards replied: “lmao naw bro.”


I guess we will have to wait until September 22nd when Williams takes on Luciano Cuello at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It is nice to know that J-Rock apparently has a speech prepared for us, just as long as there isn’t a brush in sight.