Jermall Charlo Believes The Molina Arrest Was Staged, Feels Molina Will Fight Canlo July


    World titles in boxing are a dime a dozen to people outside the ring but to the fighters inside the ring it takes a lot of hard work and determination to get the opportunity to fight for one and in a heartbeat all of that can slip right out from your grasp as Jermall Charlo learned last week.

    Charlo was slated to take on IBF junior middleweight title holder “King” Carlos Molina on the undercard of Canelo-Angulo but due to problems with the law Molina was unable to compete and Charlo was left on the sidelines which gave his mind time to let everything sink in and then it began to wonder…wonder if what happened to Molina was true or if was so that Molina did not have to face Jermall.

    “That shit had to be staged,” said Jermall. “Molina goes to jail before our championship match this past Saturday. (It’s) dirty boxing. Why me though? They bullshitted me to the max! Was he really even in jail? They should have taken the belt from him. By now Canelo (will be) fighting him in July. I don’t get the championship fight, the belt, no paycheck and no date to fight next. Nothing Straight fuckery!”

    Jermall even took to Instagram to post a photo of Molina (pictured above) about the arrest and Molina being on the run and describing him as a sexual predator.