Jessie Vargas: ‘I’m Going to Knock DeMarco Out’


    jessie-vargasIn just 2 weeks time, Jessie Vargas will take on Antonio DeMarco on the Pacquiao-Algieri undercard for the interim WBA junior welterweight title. An interesting fight for some to say the least. Before they enter the ring, there has already been a few heated comments about one another between the two.

    DeMarco, (31-3-1, 23 KOs) is as friendly as they come in the sport. A charismatic fighter who is hard not to like. According to Vargas in a recent interview with, DeMarco has made comments towards the rising fighter that have made him pretty upset. So upset that a guy like Vargas, who is just as friendly and charismatic as DeMarco, has gone on to say he will knock DeMarco out. Now, these are words that we here very often between fighters in interviews or at press conferences, but Vargas truly seemed bothered.

    “He’s a great fighter, and he’s going to truly give me a great fight for however long it lasts because I’m going for the knockout. I truly believe and I’m confident that I’m going to knock him out. His time is done, his time is up and its my time to come up.”

    Going back to Jessie’s reference of DeMarco’s time being up, even though he is still at a young age of 28, We touched based on Jessie’s rise in the sport while DeMarco was still a world champion and his thought’s on it. “I thought he was tough, he was always tough. He was expected to lose the first few rounds and then come out strong in the later rounds and he’s probably coming in with the same game plan but he does not know what he’s gotten himself into! I’ll tell you thats for sure.”

    Before we could ask our next question, Vargas interrupted and you could immediately feel he was bothered.

    “As soon as that bell rings he’s not going to know the beast he’s inside that ring with you know what I mean? I’m going to go for the knockout, he doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into I’m being really honest about that. Now I have Roy Jones Jr in my corner, the technician, he’s fixing certain flaws he saw in my style and my technique and we’re building it to perfection.”

    Vargas, (25-0, 9 KOs) doesn’t have a whole lot of punching power, we mentioned to him about how his style has been getting him wins by decisions, choosing to outbox his opponents, and now he is seeking for a knockout he is so confident about. “I’m going for the knockout, I’m going to knock DeMarco out! I’m knocking you out! He said something in the beginning of camp that I heard and you know what? It just totally set my mindset differently you know what I mean?”

    It’s almost hard to believe that DeMarco would say anything negative about his opponent, let alone something so obscure that it changes a fighter’s mindset differently and has them so confident on securing a knockout. “I look at it as a challenge, every fight is a challenge, but this time when I hear things I take it personally and its going to bite him in the ass.”

    We finally asked Vargas what it was that DeMarco said that has caused him to become so furious towards him when he is typically a friendly guy. Both men even exchanged words on Twitter, wishing the other good luck and thanking one another for the opportunity when the fight was first announced. “I like to always get the respect I deserve, and he didn’t give me that respect. He doesn’t know what he got himself into I can tell you that.”

    Though he didn’t open up about the comments made about him, he made clear as the fight gets closer he will open up about them.

    “Once the fight gets close I’ll let you guys know what it is, but I’m taking him out. I’m unbreakable, you ain’t breaking me, I’m going to break you!”