Jesus Soto Karass Discusses His Fight With Andre Berto and Incident At The Home Depot Center


Jesus Soto Karass is an exciting fighter to watch and win, lose or draw you feels like you got your money’s worth when you watch him fight. On July 27th, Karass will yet again face diversity when he faces off against Andre Berto in San Antonio, Texas in what is guaranteed to be a great action fight.

Karass has at times struggled to make 147 pounds and has ventured north in an unsuccessful fight against Gabriel Rosado and has moved back down in weight. To make it simple, he feels at his best when he fights at 147 pounds.

A couple weeks ago Karass attended the Marcos Maidana-Josesito Lopez fight at the Home Depot Center in Southern California. An incident happened between the two fighters to add fuel to the fire for their fight and to push the fighters even more in their training. “I was in the arena with my people from Sinaloa and the people told me ‘look there is Andre Berto’ and people started chanting Soto, Soto. Berto approached and started running his mouth and as a Mexican I told him ‘voy a partir tu madre cabron’ (I am going to f*ck you up) on the 29th and then the crowd started throwing beers at Berto,” said Soto Karass. “Berto is a respected fighter and I lost respect for him because of what happened at the Home Depot Center.”

Many at the Home Depot Center speculated that Berto was overweight which might play into Karass’ favor come fight night. But was he “fat?” “Berto looked wide, not fat,” said Sotto Karass.

So what is the game plan to fight and beat Andre Berto? Victor Ortiz and Robert Guerrero have provided ways to beat Berto but that does not mean it is for everyone. “I think about winning. Ortiz and Guerrero fought their fight and won. I will fight mine and f*ck him up.” Karass is not sure how exactly he will fight Berto and will use the first round to see what style he will use but one thing is for sure he will have no respect for Berto. “The day of the fight I will not respect him. He had my respect. In the ring he will lose my respect and have to earn it.”

One of the biggest jokes today in boxing is that if you fight and beat Andre Berto that you automatically get to face Floyd Mayweather Jr. Be it as it may that that’s the fighter everyone wants to fight Soto-Karass is focused solely on Berto.

As of late Karass has been working with Golden Boy promotions and couldn’t be happier. “I originally signed a five fight deal with Golden Boy. After the Aydin win and the signing of the Andre Berto fight we extended it by three more fights. I am happy with Golden Boy.”


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