Jimenez & Oquendo Impress: Hitz Fight Night Review


Sukhrab Shidaev 152.5 lbs vs Anthony Willis 150.0 lbs

Shidaev come out trying for a early KO but Willis weathered the storm. i spoke too soon Shidaev really brought the thunder in round 2. Landing a overhand right Shidaev shook Willis to the core, which lead to him hitting the canvas hard and the ref stopping the fight.

Johnny Determan 123 lbs vs Ryan Raglin

White boys may not be able to jump but they can still fight. Johnny “wite boi” Determan ended his match early. By landings right followed by a left hand to the body, he dropped Raglin and after Raglin made it to his feet, he went right back down from a horrific right hand (best punch of the night). Ref stops it and saves Raglin.

Nick Aspberry 240 lbs vs Tim Dunn 282.5 lbs

Aspberry lead the first round and fought very well behind his jab, bloodying Dunn. In round 2 Aspberry continued the onslaught and a horrible cut caused stoppage.

Chad Mckinny 153 lbs vs Ricky Smith 155 lbs

Mckinny ate overhand rights all of round one despite his corners instructions to keep his left hand up. Round 2 Mckinny redeemed himself landing some good shots to the body of Smith, who seemed to be tiring quickly. Mckinny continued his body work into round three and had Smith hurt. Smith seems to have broken Mckinnys nose with a stiff straight. Round 4 began with both guys dead tired but Smith was more active out of the two. Judges awarded the fight to Ricky Smith via majority decision.

Roy Navarro 145 lbs vs Clifford McPhearson 153/148 lbs cut weight

The Magician Mcpherson confused Navarro early on with good combos to the head and body. Founding his jab in round 2 Navarro set up some beautiful hooks. Navarro really poured on the damage in round 3 but couldn’t drop Mcpherson. At the end of the fight both guys were standing in the ring trading shots. The judges awarded this one a majority decision to Roy Navarro.

Fidel Navarette 128.5 vs Adam Alvarez 130.5

Navarette really put a beating on Alvarez knocking him down more times than I could count in the first round. Alvarez didn’t come out of his corner to continue the second round.

Fres Oquendo 226 vs Derric Rossy 239

Before this fight I look to my left and I see gold. I see the NABA heavyweight title. Oquendo was off to a slow start, as he got out worked by Rossy. Round 2 was more of the same, Rossy frustrating Oquendo with his range and his jab. Both guys kicked it up a notch in round 3. Rossy was cut over his left eye due to accidental headbutt. The ref warned both guys to keep it clean. Rossys jab are like Oqueno seeking missles they cant miss as he landed them all round 4 and had him badly hurt from a stiff straight. Oquendo started fainting and really helped open up Rossy for some power punches. Late in round 7 Oquendo landed a devastating overhand right but seemed to not affect Rossy. Both men tired early but Oquendo walked away with rounds 8,9, and 10 on pure power punching alone. The judges awarded unanimous decision 92-98, 93-97, 93-97 to the winner and now NABA heavyweight champion Fres Oquendo.

Mike Jimenez 170 vs Richard Starnino 168.5

Hollywood was rushed right off the bat and fought off of the ropes extremely well. Then continued to land his uppercut at will and leveled Starnino in the first round. Jimenez continued owning the ring knocking him down again. After being sent to the neutral corner Hollywood gave me a wink, as if saying “piece of cake”. Jimenez ended the next round with a flurry tho the body, Starnino tired to make it to his feet but the ref called it. Jimenez once again was very impressive and is looking to be the main event at the next Hitz card.

Genaro Mendez 145.5 vs Antoine Elerson 145.5

I know ive said this before but Mendez reminds me of Baby Bull Juan Diaz as he pressures Elerson around the ring. Elerson wouldn’t come out for the second round apparently from a injured hand.

Russell Fiore 137.5 vs Reggie Nash 138

Rocky music sounds and Fiore goes to work dropping Nash at the end of the 1st with a big hook. Knocking him down about a dozen more times finally the ref calls a stop to it and Russell Rocky Fiore gets the TKO stoppage.

Frank “Time Bomb” Scalise 136 vs Reymundo Hernandez 136.5

Surprisingly Scalise went down early but instantly after getting ro his feet ” The Time Bomb” explodes scoring 2 knockdowns of his own, each from hard right hands. Hernandez didn’t beat the count, KO win for Scalise.

Simon Buettner 173.5 vs Cameron Allen 170

Allen came out guns blazing trying to knockout Buettner but it wasn’t effective. Buettner withstood the barrage, won a clear decision and remains undefeated.