Joel Diaz Explains to Victor Ortiz the Whole World of Boxing Thinks He’s a Quitter


    mqdefaultVictor Ortiz has received a lot of scrutiny over the years from the boxing world. It is no question Ortiz has the talent to compete with the best fighters in his division, but he lacks certain intangibles every great fighter needs. His mental fortitude has been known to cave in, when facing adversity inside the ring.

    His infamous reputation of not having a fighter’s heart began five years ago in a bout against Marcos Maidana. Ortiz was a young touted prospect destined for stardom at the time he stepped into the ring.

    From the opening bell it had fight of the year written all over it. Maidana and Ortiz both knocked each other down in the first round. Then Ortiz gets the better of Maidana by knocking him down twice in the second round. To the surprise of many, Maidana maintains his composure and continues to fight back.

    In the sixth round Maidana comes out aggressive, and Ortiz is purely on the defensive. Maidana lands a few punches but nothing of great significance. As Ortiz avoids a multitude of shots, his body posture clearly indicates he’s very uncomfortable.  As Maidana lands a small hook to the body Ortiz falls to the canvas, but immediately gets back on his feet. Then to the surprise of many, Ortiz refuses to continue fighting.

    After the fight Max Kellerman delivered his commentary, “We just saw a moment in a fighter’s career that could define his career. Ortiz was dropped, cut, exhausted and faced with an opponent who refused to lose, and in a moment of weakness gave up.”

    Then Ortiz went on a good streak winning four out of his next five bouts. Ortiz demanded to face Andre Berto whom was being built as the next great fighter in the welterweight division. Ortiz came in as the underdog but delivered an amazing performance to earn a chance to face the best fighter in the world Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    When Ortiz stepped into the ring against Mayweather he was clearly being out boxed in the first three rounds. Then at the end of the fourth round he partially landed some of his own punches, and backed Mayweather against the ropes. Even though Ortiz wasn’t landing much, the momentum swing was definitely heading in his favor. Suddenly Ortiz decided to blatantly head-butt Mayweather, which caused a halt to the action.

    Joe Cortez decided to take a point away from Ortiz, and when the action resumed Ortiz decided to apologize and hug Mayweather for his deliberant foul. Immediately after they hugged, Mayweather threw a left hook and Ortiz looked at Cortez after the punch landed. Then he immediately received a straight right hand and was knocked out. Mayweather took advantage of Ortiz’s mental lapse, and it caused him the biggest fight of his career.

    After this incident Ortiz was still considered as a top contender in the division, and Golden Boy Promotions was offering him a PPV bout against Canelo Alvarez if he defeated Josesito Lopez. Unfortunately for Ortiz things didn’t turn out as planned.

    Despite Lopez losing the majority of the rounds he continued to exchange with Ortiz. In the 9th round Lopez was able to break Ortiz’s jaw with a solid left hook and Ortiz began retreating. As the round ended pandemonium took place in Ortiz’s stool. The fight was stopped, due to the refusal of Ortiz to continue.

    The lost to Lopez greatly impacted Ortiz’s career. Two years later he aimed to get back on track by facing Luis Collazo. Ortiz’s mental toughness was heavily criticized leading into the bout.

    The fight only lasted two rounds. Collazo landed a solid left hook during an exchange with seven seconds left before the two fighters were supposed to head back to their corners. Ortiz was definitely hurt, but it seemed as he could have stood up. Ortiz remained on his knees as the referee counted him out. This was the last time Ortiz was seen in a professional fight.

    Despite this downward spiral in his career, he is still only 27 years old. He remains a well-known fighter, and is aiming to resurge his career.

    Ortiz has been outspoken in the past that he will rise to the top of the division, but has continuously failed to do so. He has also badmouthed fighters such as Marcos Maidana, and Amir Khan explaining how they are not on his level. Many fans see him as all bark no bite. De La Hoya his own promoter has suggested for Ortiz to retire.

    Now Ortiz plans to be back into the scheme of things once again. Due to his previous outings, many people have stopped believing in Ortiz, even though he has a legitimate chance of reinvigorating his career.

    He is now training under the tutelage of Joel Diaz. In a recent Fighthype interview Diaz discussed what he told Ortiz in an important meeting.

    “I told him everything I expect from him. Right now the world of boxing doesn’t believe in you. The world of boxing thinks you’re a quitter. The world of boxing thinks you don’t belong in the sport. So if you’re going to come in here and use my time, you’re going to show the world otherwise. If not don’t even waste my time.”