Joel Diaz on Potential Berto-Ortiz Rematch: ‘It’s Going to Be Worse for Berto This Time’


    joel-diaz-aceptaremos-la-derrota_323x216Andre Berto has been very vocal lately about wanting to step in the ring with Victor Ortiz for a second time. Berto’s goals in a rematch with Ortiz would be obviously a win and to get Victor Ortiz out of boxing or make him non relevant.

    Berto’s talk has come out more and more in the as Ortiz fight on Saturday night approached and with Ortiz’ victory on Saturday night a rematch is something Berto will be looking for which will not be easy according to Ortiz’ trainer Joel Diaz.

    Diaz knows Berto well and is sure that Berto would have a harder time should the rematch take place which is more than likely because Ortiz’ wants the fight as well.

    “Honestly, if it was someone I wanted to see [him face], it’s somebody that’s making a lot of noise and he wants that fight,” said Diaz. “You know Andre Berto is a great kid. He is a good friend and I like him. You know what? If he wants it, I hope they give it to us. I’ve seen it [Berto’s trash talk] a lot the last few days. He has been making a lot of noise, been making fun of Victor and you know what? Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. If he wants it, now that Victor is with me it’s going to be a lot harder. It’s going to be worse for him because I already know Berto.”