Arum: ‘If I Were Showtime and I Was Taking Losses as Big as I Am on Mayweather Fights, I Wouldn’t Be Happy’


    download (3)“Tha Boxing Voice” spoke with Bob Arum to converse on the landscape of the biggest fight on planet earth: Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. Arum being one side of the coin in representing Pacquiao, we wanted to find out just how the negotiations are going with the mega fight.

    Many boxing fans are aware of the disdain Arum feels for Mayweather and Arum expressed that disdain saying, “As long as Floyd has a contract with two freebies coming from Showtime he is content with that.” Following Arum’s depiction of Mayweather’s next fights, we asked if he were in the same shoes as Showtime, would he be happy with the results of the contract they gifted Mayweather. Arum explained, “If I were Showtime and I was taking losses as big as I am on Mayweather fights, I wouldn’t be happy, but who knows maybe they have a bunch of masochists running the company.”

    Doesn’t seem like the negotiations are going to well and that is not a shock to any boxing fan because of the checkered history of negotiations for this fight. So here we go again with the whirlwind of allegations and finger pointing on why the fight hasn’t happened yet. We will see where the negotiations go in the next coming months.