Joel Diaz Still Bothered By Bradley-Chavez Outcome




Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley (31-1-1) is coming off a disputable Draw against Argentinian brawler Diego Chaves (23-2-1). Many believe the result of the bout was a robbery, with Bradley getting a raw deal. Honestly, I believe Bradley earned the win with clean punches even though it was a tough, gritty fight, with its share of headbutts and phone booth style fighting that is expected by both of these warriors.

Tha boxing Voice very own Fernando Pimentel spoke with Timothy Bradley’s head trainer Joel Diaz. Bradley’s last fight being Chavez the wound was obviously still fresh.

“We knew we were winning the fight, if I felt we were losing the fight then I would have demanded more. At the end of the fight I know we lost a few rounds but I didn’t think we lost by that kind of margin.”

In the second round, a pair of headbutts between the two fighters seemed truly to bother Bradley as his left eye began to swell massively. We’ve all know Bradley’s infamous past with head clashes, he has been involved in a few over the years.

“Those back to back headbutts, really changed the fight it was a big factor. Tim was concerned about his eyeing being shut. But I kept control, and I kept it open the whole night but the pain was the only thing that distracted him, but other than that I thought he won the fight.”

Diaz goes on to defend his position on the outcome of the fight.

“I watched the fight twice again and I think Tim won 8 rounds out of 12.”

A lot of people may agree with Joel Diaz and Timothy Bradley, which causes a lot of people to question what these judges are actually watching. Fortunately for them the outcome was a draw and not a loss hopefully it does lead to a rematch because other than the sour outcome the fight itself was very entertaining. Look out for more of Timothy “Desert Storm Bradley in the near future of 2015.