John Molina To Broner “I Knock People Out, That’s What I Do”


file_179801_1_Molina_John_vsBey_fukuda(1)John Molina, Jr. (27 – 5) is scheduled to fight three-time world champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner (29 – 1) on the March 7th premiere of Al Haymon’s PBC on NBC. Fighthype was able to sit down with John and get his thoughts on what he thinks he will need to do to pull off an upset. How he feels about being a show-stealer and what this fight will mean for his future in the sport.

John Molina, Jr.’s modus operandi is clear to anyone that has watched him fight over the years. The man is a come forward brawler that will walk through the gates of Hell, win, lose or draw. He does not win every fight but when he does, he does so by knockout. Molina hasn’t won a fight by decision in over two and a half years. While he may not think he needs a knockout to win, he still knows where his successes have come from.

“A win’s a win but we all know what I do best um, I knock people out. That’s what I do. I come to knock you out, but a win’s a win, you know we can’t say ‘Oh we’re gonna knock him out in the first round…’ If it shows itself we’ll take advantage of it but you don’t try to… play chess with Bobby Fischer.”

Regardless of the outcome of a John Molina fight, they all tend to be crowd pleasers. Molina’s style is tailor made for crowd pleasing. This has certainly played a part in Al Haymon choosing him to face Broner on such a monumental fight card. This will be the prime-time network television premiere of PBC, so of course Al Haymon is looking for some big-time entertainment. John Molina, Jr. is the kind of fighter that always threatens to steal a show.

“I go in there, not thinking ‘Oh, I’m gonna steal the show’, I just go in there and do what I do and that tends to uh, put on a good performance and I like to give the fans a fight because these fans are really looking forward to a big fight. These fans are seeing two guys go in there and bang it out; they’re not looking for two guys to go in there and stare at each other and dance.”John_Molina2-300x171

A win against boxings bad-boy Adrien Broner on national television will be a huge boost to Molina’s career and notoriety. This fight can send Molina’s career in two very different directions. With two straight losses in his rear-view, if he loses badly, he may be relegated to being a guy that is put in the ring to make young lions look good. If he wins or puts on the kind of exciting performance we have seen from him in the past, it can mean a whole new level of stardom.

“Of course, you know that when we win this fight it’s gonna be a huge huge huge uh, catapult if you will. I mean I believe I’ve become a household name more so in the last year, but I believe that now it’s gonna be even bigger.”

It will be exciting to see this drama play out on March 7th against “The Problem”. Boxing fans know that Molina can bring excitement to any fight. The question remains whether this will be a repeat of his brutal loss to Lucas Matthysse or his awesome comeback win over Mickey Bey.