Jose Benavidez Jr. to Terrence Crawford: Instead Of Talking About My Mom You Should Put Your Fat Bitch On A Diet Program


    Julio Garcia

    When anger and animosity are present during pre-fight build up fans get anxious and excited to see what will transpire. Sometimes the talk is nothing but talk, to promote a show (Ricardo Mayorga, Connor McGregor) and sometimes the feelings are real.

    Bad blood has been brewing between Jose Benavidez Jr. and Terrance Crawford for some time now. Earlier this year Benavidez stated that he had accepted a fight with Crawford on two separate occasions ( ) and that Crawford had turned down the fight. Now with fight night closely approaching tensions are high between the two camps.
    On October 10th, Crawford was ringside during Benavidez open workout and the two sides split insults at each other with no intentions of letting the other man get the better of the war of words.  Things took a turn racially when Crawford said he was going to beat the burritos out of Benavidez (there is talk of people saying that Benavidez had stated something racially-charged towards Crawford but I could not hear it in the video). Benavidez and Crawford began to call each other a bitch but things got really heated when Crawford referred to the mother of Benavidez as a bitch.
    The two fighters lunged at each other but they were unsuccessful in reaching each other but that does not mean that the insults stopped. Benavidez took to social media to take a final shot at Crawford and his significant other which is sure to add a tremendous amount of fuel to the fire.
    “Someone come feed this man he hungry and as for Terrance Crawford,  instead of talking about my mom you should put your fat bitch on a diet program. She almost had a heart attack with all that barking she was doing. After the fight I’m going to gift you and your family a free visit to the dentist.”
    Julio Garcia