Josh Taylor confronts Rick Mirigian, Mirigian says Taylor is shook


    Things often get intense between fighters and their camps and as the fight day gets closer the intensity goes up. We will often see fighters shove each other but it usually just stays between the fighters.

    On May 20th Jose Ramirez and Josh Taylor had an intense face-to-face at their press conference but that was not the only place where there was tension. Ramirez manager Rick Mirigian was confronted by Taylor who threatened to fuck him up.

    “Josh Taylor walks across the Casino not once but TWICE,” Tweeted Mirigian. [Taylor] gets in my face to tell me he is going to ‘FUCK ME UP’ over tweets between me and him. Aside from weighing as much as me he ain’t focused and is shook. Ramírez stops him Saturday with out question!”