Joshua wins world title in 16th pro fight; Nes will eat LARGE pizza on air following TBV prop bet



Anthony Joshua gave fans at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, London, United Kingdom a big time show when he tore through American champion Charles Martin. Joshua picked up the IBF title in the process of stopping Martin in just two rounds of their 12 round championship fight.


This was a big time performance after Joshua built up hype around the fight, selling out the arena in less than a day.


It was a violently methodical start to the fight for Joshua who threw his right hand fast and hard against the American southpaw. Joshua was engaging in the fight and he definitely pressed his opponent early, but he wasn’t overly aggressive in a reckless kind of way.


Martin ate a few big punches but survived them well without giving away too much. There was one shot in which Martin looked vulnerable to Joshua’s power.


In the second and final round, Joshua was continuing his same pace and attack. With one minute down in the round, Joshua had Martin blinded with a jab and then shot his right hand down the middle which sent Martin to the canvas. Martin made it back up, but Joshua stayed close and could smell blood.


Martin was desperate to prove he wasn’t hurt, and Joshua waited for Martin to come in and then landed another big right hand that put Martin down on his butt for the final time. Martin beat the count but the referee decided he’d had enough and waved off the fight.


Joshua was understandably excited and seems ready for whatever may come; Martin was humble in defeat.


In a separate report, we here at Thaboxingvoice love to interact with all of our readers and listeners. If you listened to last Thursday’s show, the Joshua-Martin preview, then you’re aware of a bet between hosts Nestor Gibbs and Mario Mungia.


The debate between Joshua and Martin got heated when Mario predicted the fight would be over by the 3rd round. Nes, convinced Martin would make it out of the 3rd, felt that there was not enough respect being given to Martin. Both hosts considered the matchup a 50/50 fight, although Mario felt the power both fighters possessed was enough to end the fight early.


Mario wagered 20 pullups, recorded for play immediately following the fight’s outcome. Nes, if he lost, was willing to put his healthy lifestyle on the line as he agreed to eat an entire large pizza live on air.


Tune into Sunday’s recap show to see Nes devour an entire large pizza—let’s just hope he can get some sort of crow topping on the pie because it would be so fitting for a TBV podcast bet.