Juan Manuel Lopez On Wilfredo Vasquez Jr.: I Am Worth More Than He Is


    Former world champion Juan Manuel Lopez last stepped into the ring when he faced off against Mikey Garcia a couple months ago and tried to regain the title he lost to Orlando Salido. Lopez lost that bout, getting KO’d by Garcia but he feels fine and is currently enjoying his time off.

    “We are still on holidays right now. I am spending as much time as possible with my children, taking them to school. It has been a while since I have trained but soon I will begin to run and condition my body and I will sit down with my team to see what is next in my career,” said Lopez.

    As of now, Lopez is looking to be active by December or January in Puerto Rico and possibly promote the event as well.

    “I hope to be in the ring in December or January but it all depends on the negotiations that will take place and what Top Rank has in mind. Top Rank has continued to support me and have not turned their back on me and said they would continue to work with me and as long as I want to train and box. We want to have another chance to succeed and find good fights. Fights that the public has interest in and eventually get another title shot.”

    Lopez has also expressed that he no longer wants to continue fighting at 126 pounds and has no motive to fight at the weight.
    “I will no longer fight at 126 pounds. I might do one more at 128 but 130 I will do. If you want to fight at 126,125 or 124 that is your problem. I will fight at 130 and those are my plans but we are going to sit down with my team and see what they have in mind and eventually do something important for my career.”

    Lopez has also expressed how he felt about a possible clash with his fellow countryman and rival Wilfredo Vasquez Jr.

    “I have never refused to fight (Vasquez). I do not know what he thinks or his opinions are but this is a business. I do not fight to please people. I fight to earn money that will take me and my family forward to the future. There was once an offer on the table and he rejected it for just a pound and now for this offer he does not want to give me four or five pounds. I think all he does is what we call in the neighborhood ‘talk just to talk’ and that Felix Zabala (Vasquez Jr.’s promoter) should sit down with Peter Rivera (PR Best Boxing), Orlando Pinero and Bob Arum. They are men who conduct business and will make me an offer as they did the first time and we can have no problems. He would have made an amount that he has never earned before but they turned it down and now they want to fight? As of now there is no offer. I have no problem fighting him. I will fight with whoever they put in front of me but it has to reasonable for him as it is for me and that is what I have always said. With me there are no issues and I will fight with whoever as long as they pay me. It is what it is. He can talk and say what he wants. I’m happy. I live happily and relaxed. I live well. I do not know about him but I’m good. I am with my children and that is what is important and I will continue forward. I am big and have had a big career and I will not let someone talk nonsense and talk stupidly and make money at my expense. If he wants to make money at my expense then he should make me an offer and win but he has to give me what I am worth and I am worth more than he is and I am saying that I am worth more than him.”