Juanma Lopez on His Ponce De Leon Fight, Danny Garcia, and Cotto-Martinez


With a couple of weeks to go until his fight with Daniel Ponce De Leon, the former feather weight champion Juan Manuel ‘Juanma’ Lopez, conducted an interview with Tha Boxing Voice. He gave the broadcast team his thoughts, as they relate to his upcoming fight, career, and other interesting topics.

When asked if his fight with Mikey Garcia would be different at 130lbs? 

“Not having to put in the extra effort that was required of me to make the 126lbs limit would have left me in a better position to face Mikey Garcia and the fight would have been different.”

He was asked if he was to lose this fight, a second loss back to back, would he consider retirement?

“I am going to win this fight, should something to the contrary occur, we still have options. I am not thinking about losing this fight or retirement. We are the better fighter than Ponce De Leon we expect to win and move on to bigger and better fights which is what we want. Should the contrary occur it would make things very difficult for me.”

He was asked to give his thoughts on now fighting for Golden Boy considering he has always been a Top Rank fighter?

“Right now we are a free agent and we will fight with whatever promoter provides me and my team with the best offer.  We can work with either promotional outfit at this time”

What does he think about the fight between Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez set for June8, 2014? 

“I think it’s a very difficult fight.  The fight will be at 159lbs but Martinez has weighed in 158 and 157 ½ lbs before, so that should not be an issue.  Sergio is the bigger fighter and he is also a southpaw similar to Austin Trout, who gave Miguel trouble.  There are a lot of questions about Sergio, going into this fight as well.  He took a lot of punishment in the Chavez and Murray fights and he is coming off of a knee surgery, so it is a very complicated fight for both guys.  Whoever has the better game plan should win the fight.”

When asked about Danny Garcia and how he felt the Puerto Rican fans would welcome him? 

“Danny Garcia is Puerto Rican and so are his parents and he is a world champion, the public will receive him well.  Many other great Puerto Rican champions were born in the United States including Camacho, Benitez and Cotto.”

 We will see how well he does on March 15, 2014.