JuanMa Says He Will Bring The Fight To Garcia, Feels Bad For His Friend Jose Gonzalez


On June 15th in Dallas, two of the world’s best featherweights will go toe to toe on HBO when Mikey Garcia takes on Juan Manuel ‘JuanMa’ Lopez. The bout is for Garcia’s WBO title that won when he beat Orlando Salido in January of this year. Ironically enough, that belt once belonged to Lopez before he was stopped by Salido in their 2011 fight. Lopez would go on to lose again to Salido in a rematch.

The two who have been connected by Salido will share the same ring in June. When the fight was first, announced, people were already predicting Lopez’ demise in the ring. Lopez feels differently.

“Styles make fights throughout history. Salido has a very difficult style and Mikey’s style is better accustomed to Salido. I think Mikey’s style is a better fit for me and more suitable for me,” Lopez told ThaBoxingVoice.com in a radio interview on Sunday night.

Lopez is going into this fight more confident than in his two bouts with Salido but fully expects a tough battle with Garcia.

The fight is going to be tough for both of us, really intense. He’s more technical than Salido not as wild as Salido. That style is similar to mines and fits me more. It’s all about styles and I said before styles make fights. I’m going to bring the fight to him.”

While Garcia dominated Salido, the way the fight ended with the corner of Garcia stopping the fight because of a broken nose caused by an accidental class of heads has left a little bit of a sour taste in some fans. Lopez can still crack even as an underdog.

We posed the question to Lopez on Garcia’s heart and will to continue if Garcia found himself in a tough situation with Lopez. Lopez responded by saying, “I saw the Salido and Garcia fight. I don’t know what to think of the end of the fight. But things happen, I’m expecting Mikey Garcia at his best and I see him as a warrior. I can’t assume he’ll do the same in a fight with me.”

Lopez win or lose, has always gone out on his shield in tough fights. His countrymen Jose Gonzalez was on the verge of winning a world title before he retired on his stool in his fight with Ricky Burns. Lopez feels we don’t know what went on but was sad for his friend.

“I saw ‘Chelo’(Jose Gonzalez) dominating; the fight had to be stopped on their own for whatever the reasons were. He’s my friend and he was going to be a world champion and I think he’ll get there again.”

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