JuanMa Will Only Fight At 128 or Higher Whether It’s Garcia, Donaire-Rigondeaux Winner, or Martinez-Magdaleno Winner


    If you’re a prevalent fighter between 122 and 130 pounds, more likely than not, the name Juan Manuel Lopez’s name has been a potential opponent named for you. Lopez returned last month after being suspended by the Puerto Rican Boxing Commission for his comments he made about a ref gambling on his fight with Orlando Salido where he was stopped once again in his native Puerto Rico. ‘JuanMa’ as he is referred to, spoke to ThaBoxingVoice.com regarding his return and the numerous rumored opponents.

    The name most synonymous with JuanMa has been the man that beat Orlando Salido, Mikey Garcia. While the fight is rumored to be taking place in Puerto Rico, JuanMa says nothing is definite at the moment.

    “I can’t make 126 lbs. I’m a 130lber now. The least I can go to is 128 lbs. It has to be a catch weight if we’re going to make that fight. If it happens, in May it happens. If I fight in April, it will be in June. The direction is Mikey but we still don’t know what’s definite yet. A lot of options, it’s good that people want to fight and that keep calling me out. Other fights that we have talked about are Nonito (Donaire), (Diego) Magdaleno, or (Rocky) Martinez. There’s the (Yuriorkis) Gamboa fight.  There are big things, I’ll fight whoever they put in front of me,” Lopez told ThaBoxingVoice.com.

    Interesting to note, he also mentioned the Filipino Flash’s name, Nonito Donaire who is currently fighting at 122 and has a tough fight scheduled on April 13th vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux. Lopez weighed in on that fight and once again reiterated that he’s not fighting either guy below 128.

    “The whole company knows where i fight at, 128 is the lowest I can go. I really want to be at 130. A fight with Donaire would be tough. He’s an intelligent fighter with Manny Pacquiao type of ability. If the Donaire fight happens, it’s got to be at a catch weight too,” explained Lopez. In regards to the fight happening on April 13th, Lopez said, “It’s a great fight. Donaire is the cream of the crop at 122 but Rigondeaux is an excellent hard-hitting Olympian. It’s a hard fight. Donaire’s been more battle tested so I think the longer the fight goes, it has to favor Donaire but that’s why they make the fights, but if Rigondeaux wins, I’ll fight him, but it has to be at 128.”

    The topic of Diego Magdaleno and Roman ‘Rocky’ Martinez was an interesting you. These 2 men have a world title fight happening in Macau on April 6th in the division Lopez wants to campaign in, 130. Lopez thinks Rocky will be too tough for Diego and that fighting Martinez would be tough because he considers him a brother.

    “It’s one of the options. Both fights are easy to make. It’s a good fight. Rocky is like my brother so I wouldn’t really want to fight him but he’s a fierce fighter. He’s a forward fighter; Magdaleno has never seen that kind of pressure. He’s very technical but he’s never been in that type of fight. I think Rocky beats him.”