Julio Cesar Chavez: A Canelo Victory Over Mayweather Would Be The Biggest Victory In Mexican Boxing History


Julio Cesar Chavez is probably the consensus greatest Mexican fighter of all time. “El Gran Campeon”, as he is known, has victories over the likes of Hector Camacho and Meldrick Taylor. While most of the media was out running to the weigh in of Mayweather-Canelo, I saw Chavez just sitting down relaxing and just looking on.

“Canelo is a very good young fighter. His speed is underrated; he can punch hard as well as counterpunch well. I think he has a shot to beat Floyd Mayweather,” stated Chavez in Spanish.

But how does one go about beating about beating Floyd Mayweather? “Canelo has to jab, cut the ring off, and work Floyd Mayweather to the body as well as taking his shots upstairs. He has to go to the body to win the fight. He can’t fight in spots like he did against Austin Trout. He has to be in great condition and I think that’s why he held his camp in Big Bear. I think he’s ready, so we’ll have to see tomorrow if his training paid off.”

Should Canelo win tomorrow, it would be a massive upset and would certainly change the landscape of the sport. Certainly it would be one of the biggest victories in Mexican boxing history? But how big would it fall in such a country full of rich boxing history? Would it rank up there to Chavez victory over Camacho or even Salvador Sanchez win over Wilfredo Gomez?

“It’s Bigger,” stated Chavez. “It would probably be considered the biggest victory in Mexican boxing history. It’s not every day you can say you beat the best fighter in the world, a guy that has been the best for the last decade. You can’t disregard that. I know all of Mexico is behind him and if he does it, I think it will be the biggest.”