Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Issues Challenge to Bernard Hopkins




Bernard Hopkins took twitter shots at Carl Froch earlier this week calling Froch a Fraud and tweeted that him wanting to fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. was easy pickings. Well, Chavez didn’t tale those words too kindly from the 50-year-old boxing legend.

“I respect Hopkins for his achievements but that’s it,” Chavez told ESPN Deportes. “I will issue a challenge to Hopkins that if I fight Froch we make a 168 lb. tournament and he fights Gennady Golovkin on my undercard, and the winners take on each other next.”

Chavez is slated to fight on April 18th against Andrzej Fonfora. Froch has been sidelined with an injury while Golovkin takes on Martin Murray next week. Hopkins has nothing scheduled as of yet.

While it’s wishful thinking, many in the industry don’t know if Chavez next fight with Fonfora will take place even though Chavez has already started camp. But one thing is clear; he did not like Bernard Hopbernard-hopkinskins comments about him being easy pickings.

“I feel Hopkins is a legendary fighter. Not many in boxing have ever accomplished what he has done and not many ever will. But he has no reason to feel that I am an easy fight. If I beat Froch then Golovkin, I would love to face him; it’d be a big accomplishment for my career.”