Peltz Sounds Off On Walters-Sosa Criticism 

Jason SosaOn December 19th, HBO closed out the year with a tremendous fight between two heavyweights that were looking to make some power moves, but despite what transpired in the main event, the co-main event became the hot topic due to its controversial ending.
Nicholas Walters (26-0-1, 21 KO’s) looked to continue his winning ways as he made his debut in the 130-pound division as he took on Jason Sosa (18-1-3, 14 KO’s). The fight itself was action packed and had both fighters giving and receiving blows, but Walters was able to outland Sosa with more connected shots and dictate the pace over a majority of the fight which led a majority of the viewers believing that Walters was the clear victor.
However, the judges did not see it that way. Two of the judges had the bout even at 95-95 and the third judge had Sosa ahead 96-94.
While many cried foul, J Russell Peltz of Peltz Boxing Promotions felt that there were a lot of biased opinions. Peltz also went on to praise Sosa and vent about all of the so-called “experts” in boxing.
Peltz released the following statement:
“Like I care that Harold Lederman had it 9-1 for Walters or that Dan Rafael (10-0) wrote that it was a total mismatch,” Peltz stated via Facebook. “The way they saw it, Walters must have been in there by himself last night rather than against tough, gutty, hard-hitting hitting,never-say-die Jason Sosa. If it was such a total mismatch then why was Sosa able to rally in the 9th and 10th rounds with his best punches of the fight? Like the decision or not, Sosa’s stock went through the roof after his performance against a guy everyone was praising to the skies and trying to find room for on the pound-4-pound list. Sosa was a +700 underdog going in and he proved he can go with any 130-pounder in the world. Does Sosa look like a car-wreck victim in his dressing room after the fight? I usually don’t rant like this, but I’m sick and tired of today’s so-called boxing experts. I had no clue who the judges were before the fight and it’s not like Sosa lives around from the corner from the Turning Stone Casino. And please, don’t get me started with Punch Stats. My sons once worked that system years ago in Philly. I love Jason Sosa to the skies and his terrific trainer Chino Rivas and everyone around him. And, yes, I am his co-promoter and fortunate to be able to say that.”