Kandyce Williams Ready To Face Toughest Challenge Of Her Career


 Kandyce Williams Lightweight prospect Kandyce Williams (2-1) has had a tough time being able to fight as a pro. Opponents would pull out of fights or just not show up. Come November 7th, she is hoping that will not be the case as she is set to take on Lena Taylor (3-0, 3 KO’s) in Mesa, Arizona. It will be a tough fight for Williams, but she revels a tough challenge.

“My upcoming fight is going to be a good, interesting fight,” said Williams. “I’m fighting Lena Taylor from Florida who is an undefeated fighter at 3-0 and won all by KO’s. She’s going to be one of the toughest opponents I’ve faced thus far in my career, and I’m very poised and excited to take her on.”

Facing an opponent that has won all of their fights by knockout could intimidate some but not Williams. She believes that she has the perfect game plan to walk away victorious.

“I feel all I have to do is use my reach. She is a shorter fighter, so I predict she will be trying to come on the inside, and I WILL NOT be letting that happen. I’m confident in my skills, and I know I can pack a hard punch also so if she thinks I will be her 4th KO she will be sadly mistaken, by far!”

Should anything happen and the fight fall through, Williams will not it get to her as she has grown to accept that these things happen in the sport and a replacement is not always available in time to move on and by next year she hopes to be doing big things in the sport of boxing and fight for a title.

“I’ve grown to have a better understanding that these things happen a lot in boxing. Injuries fights falling through. I used to get upset and want to give up but I’ve matured, and I’ve actually become a much better well-rounded fighter because I just put all my frustrations and energy into training camp. I have good expectations for next year. I’m hoping to fight more than I did this year with the intentions of no opponents falling out. I’m hoping to get more positive recognition next year because I currently feel like the female fighter that can’t get a fight to stick. “