Kandyce Williams Takes On Jillian Lybarger


Screenshot_2015-02-19-23-10-09_1Kandyce Williams (1-1) is a young, fierce lightweight from San Bernardino, California that with the advice of her trainer Nacho Villarreal turned pro after just two years of amateur boxing. As an amateur Kandyce compiled a record of 7-2 but the push from her coach and being unable to get fights, the decision made sense.

” My coach made me go pro,” said Kandyce. “He convinced me and told me that I had the skills. He told me that I was ready for the pros, and I wasn’t getting many fights in the amateurs and I was also heavy in weight.”

Aside from being unable to land fights, headgear proved to be an issue for Kandyce as she suffers from claustrophobia.

“I don’t like wearing the headgear. I am very claustrophobic so if I was getting hit a lot I would get frustrated and be unable to breathe properly.”

On March 14th, 2014 Kandyce had her first professional bout when she took on Celene Roman. Things did not go her way, and she ended up losing a split decision. Did she feel that she should have lost? No. In Kandyce’s mind, the fight seemed more like a draw but she feels that it would gone her way had she applied more pressure, but it served as a learning experience for the young fighter.

Kandyce last fought on January 30th against then undefeated Marquita Lee and won a majority decision that has motivated her even more.

“It felt great. It felt really good [to get the victory] especially against someone that was undefeated. It gave me that extra push to continue to do good.”

Though the victory boosted the encouragement to better, it could never give her the encouragement that she gets from her mother who was left to raise her. Kandyce’s father was murdered. Kandyce’s mother has been in a two-year battle with breast cancer and has recently had both breasts removed.

“[My mother] is currently fighting breast cancer and she has a smile on her face every day. She still gets up and goes to her dance classes and does what she has to do, and that’s what keeps me going.”

Kandyce will return to the ring on February 21st against Jillian Lybarger (1-1) in Phoenix, Arizona. The matchup should prove to be an entertaining scrap with fight fighters with identical records that are hungry to push themselves to the next level.

You can follow Kandyce on Instagram @kande18 and on Facebook at https://m.facebook.com/KandyTeam?_rdr .