Karim Mayfield Not Happy With Adrien Broner’s Video Message


karim mayfieldKarim Mayfield has responded to an Adrien Broner video published on ESNEWS’ YouTube channel. In the video, Broner talks about Mayfield and it is a bit surprising.

This is what Broner had to say in the video regarding Mayfield:

“I just want you to get your career on track and you just keep winning. But win the next one. As long as you winning, I’m okay, then you can call me out all day. I ain’t got nothing against you, bro. I don’t care what you say about me. I want to see you win” –Adrien Broner.

These comments are very different from past Broner interviews, specifically the ones that involve other fighters and the potential for a fight.

Mayfield was caught off guard in his response to the interview, which he was shown during an interview with Thaboxingvoice.com.

“I would’ve expected a different response from Broner, known for his shenanigans and his tactics and his mouth. I would’ve expected a little bit more, though. Honestly, he respected ‘my gangsta’ and that’s a figure of speech,” Mayfield said.

Before Mayfield’s words are taken out of context, what he meant by his ‘respecting my gangsta’ comment was that he is real, and his genuineness was recognized by Broner. You might not know it to look at me, but I grew up in a dangerous area, and I am very familiar with the undertones in Mayfield’s comments.

There is a saying in the Hip Hop community that says “real recognize real” and it refers to the mutual understanding of two individuals from the same place, and that doesn’t mean they’re from the same area or city, but instead the same kind of neighborhood that focuses on a particular code.

Mayfield is authentic, and you can tell by his demeanor. I sometimes question Broner’s authenticity because he does things that I couldn’t see anyone with the same kind of cred doing, and that might be why Broner is careful about upsetting someone like Mayfield. Broner might not be “real” enough to appear genuine in his conduct, but he spent enough time around certain individuals to recognize the type that doesn’t play games.

Although, I could be reading too much into this. After all, Mayfield offered up an explanation that would explain Broner’s reserved nature.

He suggested that since Broner is now a national network representative he may be toning down his act, or perhaps Al Haymon is forcing all his athletes, Broner especially, to conduct themselves in a more appropriate manner.

“Maybe he has to clean up his act a little bit, he could be going that way,” Mayfield offered up as an explanation.

It would seem like Mayfield is a realistic opponent for Broner’s next fight, which is tentatively scheduled for June 20th in Broner’s hometown of Cincinnati. There hasn’t been any word on an opponent, but you have to figure any short list involves Mayfield because we all know he has been on Al Haymon’s recent opponent list.

Mayfield was rumored to take the place of the last minute dropout Roberto Garcia in last week’s Spike TV co-feature against Shawn Porter. Mayfield had signed a contract and was even present at the weigh-in, but Erick Bone ended up being late replacement. Still, it is important to recognize that Haymon had Mayfield in mind.

Mayfield recognizes the reality of his potential for a fight with Broner. He admits that he isn’t a lock, but he knows that under the circumstances his name is as likely as any.

“There’re only a few names that anybody even really know and I’m not saying I’m ‘known’ like that, but I’m definitely one of those names because what you’ve got to realize is that it’s a generation in each sport, and I am [part of that generation] with those names. My time gon’ come and I’m going to be ready. My time gon’ come and I’m not gonna sweat it; I’m not going to sound like I’m thirsty. I’m hungry.”