Karma Catches Up To Freddie Roach


    Trash talk is nothing new in boxing. Fighters have trashed talked each other since God knows when and coaches/trainers and team members will often throw jabs at the opposing team and most of the times nothing happens but one of those instances where something happens with someone other than the fighter being involved and for a major fight took place recently involving Freddie Roach.

    Roach is no stranger to saying how he feels and has a tendency to run off at the mouth and that is exactly what happened when he verbally attacked Robert Garcia and other members of Team Rios (who did not hesitate to  retaliate).

    Roach, who was unhappy about having to wait for team Rios to leave a gym for a workout approached Garcia and proceeded to inform Garcia that they needed to leave. Garcia kept a cool head and told Roach he has more time due to interviews and that is when things got crazy and Roach called Garcia a piece of shit.

    After some arguing between Roach and some members of team Rios a darker side of Roach came out as he began getting racial in his comments. Roach would proceed to call Donald Leary, a half Irish-half Mexican member of team Rios a Mexican motherfucker and a stupid fucking Mexican. Roach would also   call boxing reporter Elie Seckbach a fucking Jew which caused things to get even more heated (which was pretty bad before the slurs).

    After the incident many boxing fans will have a different view of Roach who has had a clean image in the sport and karma has caught up to Roach for what he has said behind closed doors in the past and for what he said to those in attendance. Such bigotry should not be tolerated in boxing which is one of the most culturally diverse  sports in the world.