Karo Murat: The Dark Horse Rises


Karo Murat (25-1-1, 15 KOs) has the chance to crown himself as the light heavyweight champion of the world. A title that’s significant just became a lot more relevant. Adonis Stevenson landing the punch heard around all of Montreal and America. His knockout of Chad Dawson this Saturday night just made the light heavy weight division all the more interesting. For Murat this is an opportunity of a lifetime, a win over Hopkins will catapult his career into over drive. You see names in the sport tend to want excessive amounts of money in negotiations for fights but on the other hand two men like Stevenson and Murat would make a fight much faster as a unification of their titles would be on the line, packaged with a big network television provider airing the fight. So for Murat, it’s detrimental and losing cannot be a option, “I respect what Bernard’s achieved so far in his career, but at the end of the day, I’m traveling to America for the fight of my life.  I’m prepared for a battle and I’m going to show you a real battle once we get into the ring,” said Murat.

No disrespect intended to Karo Murat, but doing a Google search wouldn’t help anyone know this man any better, his name is tied to Bernard Hopkins all over the Internet. His best bet is to take advantage of the moment and allow his name to go from facing Bernard Hopkins to defeating Hopkins. Easier said than done but that’s the task at hand and the price of greatness. “Of course I’m taking Bernard seriously.  Who wouldn’t?  Like I said, I’ve been following his career since I was 10, so I pretty much know all of his moves; everything he does, I know already,” added Murat.

There are different forms of pressure in boxing. Come July, these two men will have their share of it, in all matters of the word. Hopkins is expected to beat the little known Murat whose resume doesn’t suggest he should be getting a crack at the legend. On top of selling out an arena based on the name Hopkins alone, we also all know that Hopkins is looking for that super fight one last time in his career but in order to achieve that, he must defeat Murat.”The deciding factor will be who is mentally stronger and I believe that’s me because I don’t have the same pressure that Bernard does, so that gives me an advantage,” explained Murat.

Karo Murat believes he’ll be supported well and will make a good b -side helping Hopkins fill the massive Barclay Center, “I believe there’s a big Armenian community in New York, so ever since I found out that I was coming to New York, I’ve been hoping all of the Armenians will come out and support me, I’m happy that he accepted the fight.  It’s by far the biggest fight of my career,” expressed Murat.


Asking any fighter with the résumé of Murat to come to a legend’s back yard and take his title is asking a lot if not too much, but in order to achieve greatness one must do the unthinkable.” In my opinion, the roles have reversed from his fight against Cloud.   A lot of people were writing him off because he’s old.  He was the dark horse in that fight, and I think the roles are switched now.  I think right now I’m the underdog.  I’m the dark horse.  I’m caught in the crosshairs and I’ll turn up in the best shape possible.  I’ll turn up with the right mind set and Bernard Hopkins is going to feel that on July 13.”